A woman in a sweatshirt with the hood up leans against a wall thinking about anorexia vs bulimia

Anorexia vs Bulimia

There are a few types of eating disorders, but most people have heard of anorexia and bulimia. Although there are similar aspects between them, they have even more differences. Learning more about anorexia vs bulimia can help you tell them apart. Anorexia vs Bulimia Behaviors Both of these eating disorders have a few behaviors in…

A woman eats a bowl of fruit as an example of what is intuitive eating

What Is Intuitive Eating?

A lot of people are uncomfortable about their weight. The issue can cause so much distress that they develop eating disorders to control it. Intuitive eating can help them learn how to make good food choices to improve their overall health. However, it doesn’t achieve that by imposing food restrictions like a traditional diet. Intuitive…

spiritual recovery from addiction

Spiritual Recovery from Addiction

Spirituality in recovery isn’t just a good idea. It’s vital for healing. When you consider that a chemical dependency affects the whole person, it makes sense. Here’s what you need to know about spiritual recovery from addiction today. Recovery Reintroduces Hope Drug abuse affects your body. You can see it in weight loss or gain,…

drug withdrawal symptoms

Outline of Drug Withdrawal Symptoms

Drug withdrawal symptoms are a normal part of drug treatment. Depending on the drug used, the symptoms can vary. While heroin and painkillers cause flu-like symptoms for about two days, benzodiazepines can cause symptoms for weeks. An addiction to cocaine or alcohol can take a week or more to treat. How Drug Withdrawal Symptoms Work…

talking about rehab facilities

Characteristics of the Best Rehab Facilities

An addiction may be difficult to live with, but no one has to seek treatment alone. The best rehab facilities help clients start their recovery. Through different treatments and therapy programs, clients can begin their recovery. What to Look for at Rehab Facilities Every treatment center is different. The best rehab facilities offer support for…