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Help Is Available for Those Struggling With Addiction in Laguna Beach

Located between Los Angeles and San Diego, Laguna Beach is a charming coastal city filled with quiet coves, serene beaches, and independent art galleries. Despite the wealth of outdoor beauty and adventure, Laguna Beach residents suffer from drug and alcohol addiction like many other cities in the US.

Along with the resorts and attractions, Laguna Beach is home to many rehab centers to help with the growing problem of addiction. Laguna Beach rehab centers offer everything from medical detox to inpatient care to aftercare programs, ensuring that you have the ideal environment to support your recovery.

Types of Addiction Treatment in
Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach addiction treatment is different for everyone, but here are some programs you can expect in these drug rehab centers.


Medical Detox

Medical detox, sometimes known as just detox, may be part of addiction treatment to address the symptoms of withdrawal. Some substance withdrawal can cause complications or may encourage relapse, but medical detox provides a safe, supervised environment to minimize the discomfort until the drug is eliminated from your system.

Inpatient or Residential Treatment

Inpatient or residential treatment offers the highest level of care and support. This is a 24/7 option that involves living in the facility temporarily and undergoing therapy, which is ideal for people who lack a stable home environment or need more support.

Intensive Outpatient (IOP) Treatment

Intensive outpatient (IOP) treatment doesn’t require a live-in stay at a rehab center, but it offers more rigorous therapy sessions than outpatient care. With IOP, you live at home, but you have therapy sessions on a set schedule to ensure you’re committed to recovery.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment offers the most flexibility to balance your rehab with your everyday responsibilities. You can live at home and attend therapy sessions a few times a week to balance your obligations with recovery.


Aftercare programs can include a range of options to help with the transition to everyday life after rehab. Sober living, peer-support groups, ongoing therapy sessions, alumni programs, and other support ensure you have the skills and resources to adjust to your new life free from addiction.

How to Choose the Right Detox Center for Your Loved One in Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach drug rehab centers cater to different needs, but you should consider your options to find the best option for your circumstances. Here are some aspects of rehab to consider:


Some insurance providers offer coverage for addiction treatment. Make sure the rehab centers you’re considering are in-network with your insurance provider to minimize your out-of-pocket expenses.


The location of your rehab center can have an impact on your experience. Some people benefit from getting away from the people, places, and things associated with their addiction, while others may prefer to be close to their support system at home.

Quality of care

The quality of care is the most important consideration for your prospective treatment centers. Read reviews, visit the facility, and look into their experience to ensure that you’re getting compassionate, evidence-based programs.

Treatment options

Some rehab centers focus on outpatient and aftercare programs, but others offer a full continuum of care from detox to aftercare. Think about what you need to determine which facility is the best choice for you.

Continuing Recovery Care & Sober Living Programs in Laguna Beach

Getting out of rehab and transitioning to your regular life can be difficult. For many, it’s a vulnerable time for relapse. Continuing recovery care and sober living homes help with this process, giving you the skill-building and support to handle day-to-day stress and challenges.

Sober living homes or halfway houses are a good choice if everyday life without a rehab center feels overwhelming. These communal living environments help you prepare for lasting recovery with structure and accountability, such as household chores, enforced curfews, and strict house rules. Like rehab centers, there are a range of options to choose from, including the acclaimed Oxford Houses and more opulent sober living homes with private rooms and amenities.

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Emergency Services for Addiction in Laguna Beach

Addiction treatment is necessary for a full continuum of care, but there are other ways to get emergency assistance if you need it for yourself or a loved one. These hospitals provide 24/7 care and support for substance-related or mental health crises.

Community Resources for Mental

Health & Addiction

  • Orange County Health Care Agency: Regional mental health provider with information, resources, and crisis care.
  • OC Warmline: 24-hour helpline for emotional support and mental health resources for Orange County residents at 714-991-6412.

Local Stats You Need to Know

Orange County is focused on the growing issue of mental health and addiction. According to a government survey, nearly one in six people report needing support related to mental health.[1] Furthermore, the Hoag 2022 Community Needs Assessment Report revealed behavioral and mental health as an area of significant concern in the county. and residents believe that behavioral health is the most crucial community need.[1]

Among mental health concerns, substance abuse is a priority. Based on data from the Orange County Drugs and Alcohol Report, drug-related deaths increased by 60% between 2019 and 2020.[1] About 6.3 deaths were due to prescription opioid overdose per 100,000 people.[1]

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Sober Activities in Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach is a top resort area and tourist spot, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time without substances. Here’s some inspiration for fun experiences you can have without drugs and alcohol:

How to pay for addiction Treatment in Laguna Beach

For many entering addiction treatment, how to cover the costs is one of the biggest concerns. Addiction treatment can be expensive, but fortunately, there are many resources to help.

Many insurance companies cover addiction treatment, at least in part, but it depends on your provider, the treatment center, and your plan. Choosing an in-network provider is usually the best choice, as these providers have contracts with insurance companies to offer lower prices to plan members. With an out-of-network treatment center, addiction treatment could be more expensive.

If you don’t have insurance or need additional help, there are options. Laguna Beach drug rehab centers may offer flexible payment plans or other financial assistance to make your treatment easier to manage. Another option is to check into grants or scholarships from state-funded organizations and nonprofits.

Frequently Asked Questions About Attending Rehab in Laguna Beach

What Is the First Day in Rehab Like?

Every rehab is different, but your first day will usually start with meeting the staff to tour the facility and answer any questions you may have. You’ll also meet with your treatment team to understand the plans and expectations for your treatment. This can be an anxious experience, but rehab centers do their best to make it as comfortable as possible.

Can I Bring My Cell Phone or Laptop to Rehab?

Rehab centers have different rules regarding personal items and electronics. Ask your rehab center what you’re permitted to bring to the facility. Keep in mind that some rehab centers allow personal items but ask that you don’t use them in a way that’s disruptive to others, such as playing loud music in a communal space.

How Involved in My Treatment Will Family and Friends Be?

All relationships and treatment programs are different. How involved your friends and family will be depends on your treatment plan and personal wishes. For some people, involving friends and family can be helpful. For others, it can be distracting or challenging.

How Can I Stay Focused After Treatment?

Ongoing aftercare programs are the best way to prevent relapse and commit to long-term recovery. These programs help you develop daily coping skills, peer support, and relapse prevention techniques for your success with sobriety.

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