Substance abuse is often a symptom of an underlying mental health issue. However, once you start using drugs, your brain chemistry changes. You may go through cycles that exacerbate both mental illness and substance abuse disorders. Getting mental health treatment that addresses your holistic wellness allows you to integrate your healing with the rest of your life.

Mental Health Treatment Plan

Mental Health Treatment | Ocean RecoveryMany people believe if they can just stop using drugs, they will be healed. They put all their determination and willpower into quitting. Eliminating the toxic chemicals from your system is important, but it’s only the first step.

Because drugs change the way that your brain and body communicate, you may need medication to help balance everything out. Managing symptoms carefully with medical supervision can also help you stay physically comfortable as you go through detox.

Medications are not the only solution to mental health problems, though. The best approach to recovery from substance abuse addresses your mental, physical, social and emotional health. Various techniques are often used to tackle the different facets of your substance abuse disorder.

Types Of Mental Health Treatment Centers For Substance Abuse

Psychotherapy is often the first course of treatment in a substance abuse program. Clients will develop a plan for ongoing treatment with the insight from a counselor. Although a treatment plan provides structure and routine, it must be flexible. Clients’ progress must be monitored throughout their stay at a treatment center so that programs can be adjusted as necessary.

One of the cornerstones of psychotherapy is behavioral therapy. This type of treatment addresses the behaviors that arise from a client’s conscious and subconscious thoughts and beliefs. Through education, awareness and talk therapy, individuals can develop strategies for responding to emotional triggers for drug use.

Experiential therapy is another science-backed technique for mental health treatment. This may involve doing something creative, like making music or art. Allowing yourself to process your feelings through experience is a strategy for dealing with stress and strong emotions.

Activities that get you outdoors can help you connect with the greater universe and find fulfillment in your purpose. Hiking and exercising present physical obstacles that provide teaching opportunities as you overcome them. Experiential therapy also gives you the chance to bond with others and create a community of support.

Individual therapy sessions establish trust and allow you to open up to receive care. Group counseling puts you in an environment with other clients who are going through a similar experience. Psychoeducational groups also let you practice your communication skills in a safe, nurturing environment. Family therapy gives your loved ones a chance to better understand your situation, treatment and expectations for the future.

Top Mental Health Treatment For Eating Disorders

Addressing other mental health needs is also important. Many people with an addiction disorder also suffer from disordered eating.

Nutrition counseling is a vital component of wellness. When your cells don’t have nourishment, your brain and body can’t work together in harmony. You must stabilize your physical wellness to be ready for mental health treatment.

At Ocean Recovery, our therapists can help you look at the nutrients that you consume as a way to heal. We also have an in-house nutritionist who will help you re-establish a positive connection with food.

You’ll develop life skills that will point you toward health instead of toward destructive behaviors. When you focus on cultivating your health, you allow your body to rejuvenate itself.

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We’re here to help you establish positive behaviors that can take you from treatment to lasting recovery. Call us at (855) 271-6289 to ask any questions you may have about mental health, substance abuse, and eating disorders. Our admissions team is always happy to provide you with answers.