Nobody says that you have to sit in a sackcloth and ashes during treatment. Overcoming an addiction is the best time to pamper yourself a little. In fact, rest, relaxation, and upscale care can make a significant difference in your recovery. Here’s what to look for when seeking out luxury rehab in California.

The Setting Has to Be Right

A woman gazes out the window at a luxury rehab in californiaCalifornia’s a big state. But you want to be near the beach. Hearing the sounds of the surf and seagulls is synonymous with de-stressing. The brisk air is therapeutic and invigorating. Sunshine and pleasant weather round out the atmosphere.

Look for an upscale living environment. Gleaming wood, polished glass, and contemporary décor are par for the course. You feel safe and at home in this environment. Therapists see you as an individual, not a case file.

Luxury Rehab in California Offers a Broad Range of Treatment Options

Excellent luxury rehab in California offers a broad range of treatments. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Examples of possible modalities include:

  • Men and women’s rehab, which builds on your innate strengths and also ensures your comfort
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy that focuses on dysfunctional pattern recognition and change
  • Dialectical behavior therapy for controlling strong emotions
  • Dual diagnosis assessment and treatment, which benefits program participants with co-occurring disorders
  • Trauma treatment as a means of dealing with situations from the past that still affect you to this day

These are evidence-based treatments that have proven invaluable in helping others in your situation. However, other treatments can help you, too. Examples include family therapy, which brings in loved ones. They need healing as well.

Moreover, working with your loved ones makes it possible to build your support network. You practice healthy communication styles and family roles development. If there are co-dependency issues to deal with, a therapist helps you and your loved one. Family therapy is a crucial aspect of healing in addiction treatment.

How Group Therapy Factors into Luxury Rehab

It’s a common misconception that luxury rehab in California is a solitary experience. That’s just not the case. In fact, group sessions are part and parcel of the healing experience. One type of group is there for support.

It meets to affirm your decision to stop using and keep on working on your personal development. A 12 Step group adds the element of accountability to the mix. A process group meets to help you hone your coping skills. You work with peers to explore topics.

A therapist facilitates the meetings to keep everyone on track. A themed group explores a specific set of topics. The counselor’s in charge and leads the discussions. You and your peers then have the opportunity to ask questions and receive feedback.

Holistic Approaches to Healing

A laid-back atmosphere combines with holistic care to help you overcome stress. Meditation is a good option. Breathing exercises allow you to gain control over some of your bodily responses. You explore how to live in the now, handle anxiety, and deal with anger.

Yoga adds a physical wellness component. It, too, incorporates breathing exercises. Stretches stimulate dopamine release, which is the feel-good neurotransmitter that the brain releases. To boost your well-being, there’s also the opportunity to undergo nutritional counseling.

Explore What Your Rehab Experience Could Be Like

Whether you’re just down the street or three states over, luxury rehab in California has something for everyone. It’s an excellent way to get away from a negative peer group and reinvent yourself. A good option is Ocean Recovery, a Newport Beach rehabilitation center. Call 800-641-2388 today to schedule an intake consultation.