Ocean Recovery, LLC is an addiction treatment center located in Newport Beach, California. Our facility is a multifaceted, gender-specific, licensed treatment center that has been providing addiction treatment for over 20 years. We offer comprehensive addiction treatment programs for individuals struggling with substance abuse, addiction, eating disorders, and co-occurring mental health disorders.

Established in 2002, Ocean Recovery has built a legacy of excellence in addiction treatment over the past two decades. Our commitment to providing top-tier care has not only earned us the trust of countless individuals and families but has also garnered attention from national television programs, including notable features on Dr. Phil. Upholding the highest standards in addiction care, we are proud to be certified by LegalScript, further solidifying our dedication to ensuring safety, transparency, and quality in all our treatment offerings. At Ocean Recovery, we continuously strive to be a beacon of hope and transformation for those seeking a life free from addiction.

Our Mission

At Ocean Recovery Treatment Center, we understand that the path to recovery is a deeply individualized journey, shaped by unique experiences and challenges. Our mission is to empower each client to forge a life of lasting freedom from addiction. By combining time-tested therapeutic methods with a compassionate and personalized approach, we aim to address not just the symptoms, but the root causes of addiction.

Our dedicated team of licensed addiction treatment specialists is committed to understanding and catering to the distinct needs of every individual. With unwavering passion and professionalism, we strive to create an environment where healing and transformation can flourish. At Ocean Recovery, we’re not just treating addiction; we’re nurturing a new beginning for each person who walks through our doors.

Our Facility

Located just steps from the beach, Ocean Recovery’s treatment center was designed to be a comfortable, inviting, and intimate healing environment for our clients and guests. With 14 female beds and 16 male beds, we are able to provide personalized attention to each of our clients and take on a variety of complex cases. Our facilities feature updated amenities, private patios, on-site laundry, and large shared kitchens with family-style dinners. The men’s program features an apartment-style living with individual kitchens in each apartment and the rehab center also has an on-site gym.

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Our Approach

Navigating the path to recovery from substance abuse requires a comprehensive and personalized strategy. At the heart of our approach is cognitive-behavioral therapy, enriched by the principles of 12-Step programming, trauma-informed insights, and meticulous psychiatric oversight, including the option of medication management.

We believe in the power of diverse therapeutic techniques, from the transformative effects of EMDR and somatic experiencing to the grounding influences of spirituality sessions and life skills workshops. Our aim is to empower our clients to confront and heal from past emotional wounds, rebuild meaningful relationships, benefit from specialized mental health care, and equip themselves with skills for a brighter, self-affirming future.

For a detailed insight into how we can support your journey, we invite you to connect with our admissions team today.

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