Smiling woman in blue after receiving eating disorder treatment.Eating disorders affect millions of people every year, mostly teens and young women. In general, the public thinks that people with eating disorders are underweight and very thin. However, clients could have normal weight, be overweight or drastically fluctuate. Ocean Recovery provides eating disorder treatment to provide education and help people deal with the underlying issues.

Some people don’t realize that eating disorders run deeper than just food. They’re mental health conditions that can be dangerous to people’s overall health. Eating disorders can even have life-threatening consequences.

Most people develop these illnesses during adolescence and early adulthood. However, they can develop a problem during any period of their lives. Because these disorders are so dangerous, it’s important to seek medical attention as soon as one recognizes a problem.

Types of Eating Disorders that our California Substance Use Disorder Treatment Center Helps To Treat

Experts categorize eating disorders into three main types. These include anorexia, bulimia and binge eating.

Anorexia is the eating disorder that comes to most people’s minds. It involves people starving themselves because they believe they’re overweight. If they’re 15 percent under their normal body weight and lose weight by not eating, they have this disorder.

In general, people think of bulimia as the disorder where people purge what they eat. Before the purge, however, they eat excessive amounts. They could abuse diuretics, laxatives, and enemas to help them get rid of the food afterward. In some cases, they obsessively exercise too.

Binge eating is a lot more common in women than in men. It involves episodes of eating much more than they normally would. They tend to feel like they don’t have control, and the behavior often makes them feel distressed. Many people with this disorder binge at least once a week and usually try to hide it from others.

Stages of Our Eating Disorder Treatment Program in Orange County, CA

Eating disorders are the most dangerous of mental health issues and it is vital that those suffering seek professional treatment. Without eating disorder treatment, they could suffer severe complications. At Ocean Recovery, treatment involves stabilizing the body, learning about nutrition and addressing the underlying causes of both conditions. Our goal is to provide a safe, nurturing setting in which our clients can heal from an eating disorder.


Stabilization is the first part of our eating disorder program. Our medical team works with each person to ensure proper physical health to continue with the rest of treatment. Although medicines can’t cure eating disorders, they can be effective tools in combination with therapy.

Antidepressants may be helpful for bulimia or binge eating. They can relieve some of the symptoms that often occur alongside these disorders. Other medicines can help with the physical health issues that eating disorders cause.


One-on-one and group therapy are core services in our eating disorder treatment. We partner our clients with a therapist to uncover why they may have developed eating disorders. Our counselors also help them learn coping skills to prevent them from giving in to the disorders after rehab.

During therapy, Ocean Recovery helps clients normalize their eating patterns and reach a healthy weight as well as staying clean and sober. We encourage replacing unhealthy habits with healthy ones. In addition, they learn problem-solving skills and healthy ways to deal with stress. By the end, our clients have improved moods and relationships.

Nutrition Education

Another core aspect of our eating disorder program is nutrition counseling. Our in-house nutritionist helps clients address their bad relationships with food. Through this process, we work toward correcting the health problems that their eating disorders have caused.

We want to make sure that our clients understand the dietary options that are available to them. To do that, we educate them about how nutrition affects their bodies. Our nutritionist also reviews meal plans so that they can develop good eating habits.

Overcome Your Eating Disorder at Ocean Recovery – Orange County, California.

You might feel overwhelmed just thinking about seeking treatment for your eating disorder. However, Ocean Recovery strives to make the process seamless. We want to remove some of the burdens by creating a custom treatment plan that addresses your every need. We offer several programs, including:

Our aggressive eating disorder program uses different types of one-on-one and group therapy services. Some examples include art therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, family systems, and psychodrama. We offer a variety of activities, such as swimming, volleyball, yoga and attending sporting events.

Don’t let an eating disorder put your health at risk. Get help at Ocean Recovery to overcome your eating disorder and learn how to eat and live healthily and happily. Call us now at 800-641-2388 to get started.