Addiction Services
for Families

Treating the Entire Family

At Ocean Recovery, we believe families are an important part of the healing process for those struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. Finding peace and forgiveness within a family system and developing new patterns and communication habits is critical to long-term recovery. In addition to weekly updates from our case managers, we offer regular family counseling and therapy for our clients’ loved ones so that holistic healing can occur.

What is Family Therapy?

Family therapy provides a way for those in recovery to resolve family issues, make peace with their past, and develop new relational tools. Addiction is a family disease, and often family members develop unhealthy coping mechanisms or responses to a loved one’s substance use. In a family therapy session, a trained counselor will help family members communicate with one another, express their emotions, understand their behavior, and develop a plan for moving forward.

Whole Heart Healing

Benefits of Family Therapy

In both our men’s and women’s programs, we use family therapy to enhance our various treatment plans. Through this unique approach, family members get the opportunity to repair relationship damage, ease negative emotions, and learn new skills for healthy connection. Not only is this process healing for family members, but it can help individuals struggling with addiction feel more engaged and supported in their recovery process. Our women’s program also offers 4-day intensive family workshops every two months.

Additional Family Resources

These resources are recommended by our addiction specialists and are helpful for the entire family, including the identified client.

It Will Never Happen to Me — Claudia Black
On the Family, Family Secrets, Homecoming — John Bradshaw
Surviving an Eating Disorder —Michelle Seigal and Judith Brisman
Codependent No More — Melody Beatty
Daring Greatly — Brene Brown
The Sober Sisters Society (Nicole Murray and Tammy Cox)
Unlocking Us (Brene Brown and guests)
The Eating Disorder Recovery Podcast (Dr. Janean Anderson)
Follow Your Bliss (Jessica Flint)
Terrible, Thanks for Asking (Nora McInerny)
Al-Anon: Al-Anon is in person or virtual. It is recommended to try 3-6 groups at different locations to find a good fit for you.
CoDA: Coda focuses on the codependent patterns in relationships, wider scope than al anon.
CoSA: For loved ones connected to sexually compulsive or abusive relationships

Find Help For a Family Member

Ultimately, the decision to pursue addiction treatment has to be made by your loved one. However, if your family member has expressed an interest in seeking help for drug or alcohol addiction, our team has the resources and experience to help them—and you—heal from this family disease. Contact our admissions team 24/7 and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.  

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Therapist Referrals

If you are in need of family therapy, individual, or other therapeutic referrals, please call Heather Henretig. Heather often pairs our families with therapists for their individual work. Ocean Recovery highly recommends that family members engage in their own personal healing journey separate from the work done with their loved one in treatment. Studies show that families that heal together have the best outcomes.


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