People working through traumatic stress in a group counseling session.

Coping With Traumatic Stress at Ocean Recovery

An Overwhelming Sense of Helplessness Traumatic experiences, and the traumatic stress that follows, are the result of circumstances beyond our control. Whether it’s “hard” trauma, like the horrors of war, or “soft” trauma, such as emotional or sexual abuse, we survivors often feel an overwhelming sense of helplessness. And, all too often, our response to…

Traumatic Experiences and Their Effect on the Body - Group counseling session

Traumatic Experiences and Their Effect on the Body

A Gateway to Mental and Physical Health Problems Traumatic experiences, particularly those that one may encounter in childhood, are a major risk factor for a number of mental health conditions. These can range from substance use and eating disorders to depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. However, according to an article by Harvard Health, trauma…

Courage - Woman raising her fist in victory

The Principles of the Twelve Steps: Courage

Searching and Fearless The principles of twelve-step programs each correspond to a step. This week’s principle undergirds the fourth step, which has a reputation both infamous and legendary among those of us in recovery. The step reads, we “made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.” After admitting to ourselves we had a problem…

Eating Disorders, the Holidays, at Stay-at-Home Orders - Festive table

Eating Disorders, the Holidays, and Stay-At-Home Orders

Extra Support During a Trying Time This week, we’d like to put our discussion of twelve-step principles on hold for a minute. As you may know, in addition to substance use disorders, Ocean Recovery has also treated co-occurring eating disorders since 2002. And the holidays can be a tremendously difficult time for people struggling with…