A person passed out at the bar suffers from alcoholism and depression

Alcoholism and Depression: Can One Cause the Other?

Addiction and mental illness often go together, but you may want to know which one comes first. This can be different for each person depending on their situation, so it’s important to get help for both. Alcoholism and depression are significant issues. However, don’t lose hope. Effective treatment is available. However, you first need to…

A distraught woman is in need of an anxiety and depression treatment center california offers

How to Find the Best Anxiety and Depression Treatment Center California Offers

You’re dealing with anxiety or depression. At some point, you started abusing drugs or alcohol. You’re desperate for help to get control of your life. Here’s what to look for when searching for the best addiction, anxiety and depression treatment center California offers. Understanding the Disease Model of Addiction with a Psychiatric Condition Addiction’s a…