A distraught woman is in need of an anxiety and depression treatment center california offers

How to Find the Best Anxiety and Depression Treatment Center California Offers

You’re dealing with anxiety or depression. At some point, you started abusing drugs or alcohol. You’re desperate for help to get control of your life. Here’s what to look for when searching for the best addiction, anxiety and depression treatment center California offers. Understanding the Disease Model of Addiction with a Psychiatric Condition Addiction’s a…

A man is happy during his therapy session all because he asked the question does aetna cover therapy

Does Aetna Cover Therapy?

As you look for addiction or eating disorder treatment, you might be wondering, “Does Aetna cover therapy in rehab?” Having Aetna health insurance makes your road to recovery more affordable. It gives you greater access to the help you need. Although no insurance covers all treatment 100%, you do gain a wider range of affordable…

A woman sits on the ground holding a beer wondering how to stop drinking

How to Stop Drinking

You could make a lifesaving decision when you choose to stop drinking alcohol. If you wonder about how to stop drinking, know that there are different paths to achieve that goal. You need to choose a path that fits your specific needs. However, a few tips can help. Tips on How to Stop Drinking Whether…

A man smokes while sitting on the floor as an example of the addiction definition

Addiction Definition

Addiction is a problem with which millions of people in the United States struggle. Although you may have an idea of what addiction is, you might not know the addiction definition. Learning more can help you understand how and why this issue develops. The Addiction Definition According to The American Society of Addiction Medicine, addiction…