Many addiction rehab centers don’t separate their male and female clients. However, Ocean Recovery understands that the same treatment approach doesn’t always work for both genders. Men and women use substances for different reasons and at different times in their lives. These aspects are why we offer a women’s rehab program that focuses on women’s needs.

Women’s Rehab Program Benefits

At Ocean Recovery, a team of professionals and therapists work with women who struggle with substance use or eating disorders. We dedicate our time to addressing their biggest problems first. However, our therapeutic approach has several more benefits for women.

Comfortable Healing Environment

Many women struggle to talk about their experiences and problems when men are in the room. They might have bad experiences with men or simply fear judgment. Because of that, they never get the full benefit of a community during rehab.

Ocean Recovery eliminates that problem to make sure that women are comfortable during treatment. Our female clients can talk freely with others who share their same views. Many women even find that others have similar feelings and experiences.

Build Relationships for Ongoing Support

The community setting that Ocean Recovery creates through group counseling helps women build relationships. Finding that they share similar issues brings them together. They both challenge and support each other during discussions, providing feedback as they share. In many cases, women can build bonds that last beyond rehab and provide ongoing support throughout recovery.

Female-Focused Group Discussions

Along with removing male judgment, our women’s rehab program focuses only on women’s needs. In co-ed rehab programs, group counseling discussions can sway more toward issues that only affect men. Our female-only program takes that hinderance away so that only women’s needs are the topics of conversation.

Comprehensive Treatment Services

Ocean Recovery believes that women deserve well-rounded addiction and eating disorder treatment. We also provide a range of services for women to aid their recovery. This approach treats their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Group Counseling

Although we provide one-on-one therapy, our group therapy is a major element of treatment. Being part of a group gives women insight into their thought process and emotions. If in the center of a situation like addiction or an eating disorder, women may not see the whole picture. Being in group therapy provides a chance to listen to what others who have been in a similar situation see.

By listening to others, women in our program come to view their own situations in a different light. We make that possible by allowing others to provide feedback. Sometimes they don’t even need feedback to gain insight. Simply talking about their problems out loud is helpful.

Holistic Healing

We believe in treating the whole person at Ocean Recovery, and holistic treatment helps us achieve that. These non-medical treatments complement our traditional therapy. Our main objectives are to promote physical fitness, increase self-confidence and reduce the appeal of drugs. Clients in our women’s rehab program can participate in kung fu, tai chi and yoga to achieve these goals.

Nutrition Therapy

We also provide nutrition counseling as part of the treatment process. Nutrition is easy to overlook. However, addiction and eating disorders can cause a lot of damage to the body. In fact, poor nutrition can hinder the recovery process and cause symptoms such as poor sleep, low energy, and headaches.

From the beginning of treatment, our nutritionist works with women to determine their nutritional needs. We may provide supplements to replenish nutrients that help the body heal. Our team also teaches women about nutrition so that they understand how what they eat affects them. We provide meal planning to help them make good food choices after treatment, too.

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Women's Rehab ProgramOcean Recovery has a mission to provide a safe and nurturing setting that helps you accomplish your recovery goals. We want to teach you the skills and tools you need to remain sober after rehab. To help you establish ongoing recovery, we offer a variety of programs and services, including:

In addition, Ocean Recovery has a 90-day extended care program. It’s the ideal option if you need help with the transition back to home life after treatment.

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