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Medical Detox for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

For most individuals seeking addiction treatment, detox is the first step to breaking the physical and psychological hold that a substance has on their system. It is extremely important to undergo drug and alcohol detox under the care of medical professionals who can help manage side effects and ensure the withdrawal process is safe and effective.

Ocean Recovery provides detox services for you or your loved one on site at our facility and works closely with trusted and reputable detox providers in Orange County and across the nation. Our caring staff will be with you every step of the way to guide you through the process and connect you with these providers. Once completing the detoxification process, clients can then transfer seamlessly to our men’s or women’s treatment addiction treatment centers. We also offer partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient treatment programs that give individuals more flexibility allow them to receive treatment while maintaining their work schedule and home life.

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Why Medically-Supervised Detox is So Important

Withdrawing from drugs or alcohol can be a dangerous and even life-threatening process, and is best done under medical supervision. The intensity of withdrawal symptoms depend on the substance being abused and the severity of the addiction, and may include physical symptoms (like tremors, insomnia, nausea and sweating) as well as mental health symptoms (such as anxiety, paranoia and irritability). When an individual’s body becomes dependent on a substance, quitting cold turkey can cause their system to shut down. In a medically-supervised detox program, a caring medical team will oversee the withdrawal process, providing necessary medications and emotional support to ease symptoms and stabilize vitals.

For individuals who need to undergo medical detoxification before entering our substance abuse treatment program, our admissions team can recommend Orange County detox facilities as well as medical detox programs nationwide. Once withdrawal symptoms are managed, we will help coordinate the transfer to our Orange County detox center.

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How the Detox Process Works

The process of detoxing from substances is different for every individual, which is why our detox center partners complete an intake assessment for each client. This allows the clinical staff to determine what medications and treatments will be needed to ease withdrawal symptoms and keep clients as safe and comfortable as possible while they break their chemical dependency on drugs or alcohol. After checking into a detox facility, an individual will be supervised by a medical team who will monitor their vital signs, administer medication, and check for any new or changing symptoms. Depending on the alcohol detox program, clients may have access to supplemental addiction treatment services, such as group therapy, individual therapy and recovery groups.

The length of detoxification depends on the substance in question and the severity of the addiction. Once completing detox, clients can then transfer to our Orange County outpatient or inpatient treatment program to complete the rehabilitation process.

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Continuing Addiction Treatment After Detox

Breaking a physical dependence on drugs or alcohol is often not enough to achieve long term sobriety. Substance abuse disorder is a powerful disease, and it is unfortunately very common for individuals to relapse after detox if they do not build the life skills and supportive community necessary to sustain a life free from drug and alcohol abuse.

Because alcohol and drug addiction often start as a coping mechanism for stress or a way to manage mental health issues, individuals need to develop new lifestyle habits and strategies for dealing with uncomfortable emotions if they want a sustainable recovery.

At our treatment center, we pick up where detox programs leave off, assisting the recovery process and supporting those with drug or alcohol addiction in building new, sober lives. Treatment services we offer include individualized therapy, group therapy, targeted case management, life skills education, yoga, meditation groups, 12-Step based activities, community meals, and experiential outings.

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Medication Management During Substance Abuse Treatment

Because drugs and alcohol change the way the brain and body communicate, some clients may need medication to help balance their systems after detoxing. Managing symptoms carefully with medical supervision can help clients stay physically comfortable as they go through detox and rehabilitation.

Our clinical team can help clients identify co-occurring mental health disorders and determine which medications may be necessary to alleviate symptoms. At the same time, we holistically address all areas of our client’s physical, emotional and mental well-being so that they have the best chance of healing and achieving long-term sobriety.

Is Now the Best Time to Enter an Orange County Detox Facility?

The short answer is “yes.” Making the decision to start treatment at a medical detox center is the first step toward a life free from drug and alcohol addiction. Nothing else in your life is as important as your health and well-being. Your work, family life, and sense of enjoyment and purpose are dependent on you getting the help you need to overcome drug and alcohol addiction and make the choices that are in your best interest.

If you or a loved one are seeking treatment in Orange County or Southern California, speak with a member of our admissions staff today. For Orange County residents, we can help you find an Orange County detox center that is convenient to you and has availability. If you are coming from out of state, we also have partnerships with detox centers across the country. No matter what your needs or situation, we can help find an detox program that will work for you.

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We accept most major health insurance, and our team can assist with insurance coverage verification and ensure that you have access to the best possible detox services and addiction treatment available.

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