Alcohol Withdrawals

Is Alcohol a Drug?

It enjoys widespread societal acceptance. Entire social occasions and special events revolve around selecting the right type for the meal. So, is alcohol a drug? How do some people develop an alcohol use disorder when others don’t? Is Alcohol a Drug? You can get a job serving various kinds of alcohol, and nobody thinks less…

what is addiction

What is Addiction?

Mental health professionals agree that it’s frequently impossible to tell who will develop a dependence on drugs or alcohol. Even though there are some possible contributing factors, they don’t always result in addiction. So, what is addiction? More importantly, what should you do when you develop one? What Addiction is Not Would you be surprised…

is addiction a disease

Is Addiction a Disease?

Understanding the disease model of addiction puts you at odds with an opinionated society. Many still believe that a chemical dependency is a sign of a weak will and loose morals. So, is addiction a disease? If the answer is yes, is there a cure? Is Addiction a Disease Even Though so Many Don’t Believe…