Reliable Information You Can Trust: Our Editorial Process

We at Ocean Recovery know how difficult it is to find accurate and trustworthy information about addiction and rehabilitation, especially when you or a loved one is struggling. That is why we are committed to only providing current medical information backed by reputable sources.

Our Editing Process

Some of the ways in which we ensure that all information we provide is in line with current medical science are to:

Screen Every Contributor

Even before the content is created or articles are written, each contributor to our website is screened to ensure they are medically experienced and knowledgable. This extra layer of expertise helps ensure that the quality you receive remains consistent and reliable.

Trace Every Source

Before content is written, we trace every individual source to its source  to make sure that we cite only the most verified, medically accurate information. Some sources which pass this screening process include medical journals, peer-reviewed scientific journals or case studies, and governmental agencies.

Review All Content

Once the content is created, we review it to screen for medical accuracy, consistency of thought, and clarity of writing. It would do you no good to read medically accurate content if you cannot understand it, just as it would do great harm if we were inaccurate while being easy to understand.

Continually Update

Science changes daily with new discoveries and new ways of thinking. The editorial process does not stop once a piece is published. Instead, pieces are continually reviewed and updated to keep up with changes in medical and scientific thought and practices.

Our Ideals

Here are some of the ideals which keep the gears turning and help to make sure that our editorial process runs smoothly:


Accuracy is at the forefront of our editorial process. If we are inaccurate once, our credibility as a reliable detox center is moot, and so is your trust in us. That is why we work hard to be accurate the first time and every time. Your trust and safety are our number one concerns.


One of our primary goals is the accessibility of accurate, trustworthy medical information. Medical information is a rampant problem that has lasting damage to physical and mental health. That is why we strive to make reliable medical information accessible to everyone.


Our world is becoming more inclusive, but unfortunately, the stigma against those who struggle with substance abuse remains as prevalent as ever. We strive to be a place where everyone feels welcome, where all outside societal stigmas and pressures melt away. That is why we cater our care to each individual’s needs, working with them to determine their required care, both in person and in the content we publish online.


Along with being inclusive, our care begins with compassion. We believe you deserve to be treated with the most compassion we can express. We are here to support you throughout your journey towards recovery both on and offline.

How Can We Improve?

Your wellness is our top priority. If you have any concerns about our review process or any ideas for what we should do to improve, feel free to contact us.