Many benefits arise in a men’s rehab program that targets complications with your most pressing issues of addiction and a co-occurring disorder. Digging further, research indicates that gender has a major effect on successful treatment, as the same addiction treatments don’t always work for both men and women. Therefore, Ocean Recovery addiction treatment center offers gender-specific rehab programs to kickstart your recovery.

Benefits of Our Men’s Rehab Program

At Ocean Recovery, a team of experts and therapists works with each man. Our goal is to focus on the issues that he struggles with the most. We provide an engaging therapeutic process that generates several benefits.

Treatment for Many Disorders

Our men’s rehab program treats a range of disorders. The types of substance use disorders that we treat include alcohol, prescription, and illegal drugs.

Our team has the ability to treat co-occurring disorders as well. These conditions involve a substance use disorder and an additional mental health disorder. Some examples of other conditions include anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder.

In addition, Ocean Recovery offers eating disorder treatment. Although eating problems are more common in women, they can occur in men. We believe that everyone has the right to get the personalized help they need to live a healthy, drug-free life.

Identifying and Addressing the Cause

One goal in our men’s rehab program is to determine the root cause of the problem. Through education, therapy, and support, we help men address the underlying issues so they can overcome the real issue.

Men often bury emotions from trauma because they believe that showing how they feel is a weakness. We show them that expressing their emotions in a healthy way and facing the trauma demonstrates courage and strength to also address their addiction.

Pinpointing and Changing Problem Behavior

Many men develop problematic behaviors because of substance use or eating disorders. Ocean Recovery aims to help them change these behaviors to eliminate the problem. This approach is part of our effort to ensure that they stay sober and healthy after rehab.

Extensive Treatment Services

To provide the above benefits, Ocean Recovery creates customized treatment plans that include multiple addiction treatment programs. We take a whole-person approach that treats the mental, spiritual and physical damage that mental health disorders and addiction cause.


One of our first steps is helping men accept their problems. The theory is that people react when they’re not happy or hurt. While some people respond with anger, others withdrawal from society and develop an addiction or other mental illness.

When they can accept the problem and tackle it head-on, they can resolve the issue in a healthy manner. Then, they become more happy with life and get some pleasure from activities rather than from drugs or alcohol. Ocean Recovery aims to help all men accept and deal with the addiction and other challenges in their lives.

Group Therapy

As a major part of our men’s rehab program, group therapy creates a sense of community among men. Talking in groups with peers of the same gender helps keep the session topics focused on men’s needs. Our clients can clearly see that others have similar feelings and experiences. They develop friendships as they challenge and support each other, which is invaluable during recovery.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT is one of the most popular rehab therapy techniques. It’s an effective tool for treating substance use, eating disorders and other mental health issues.

The goal of this counseling method is to make men more aware of their negative or inaccurate thought process. The reason is that the negativity naturally leads to negative behavior and emotions. Changing inaccurate ways of thinking leads to more positive behavior and emotions. It’s easier for men to open up this way in a male-only session. In turn, men can avoid activities and triggers that lead to relapse.

Nutritional Counseling

Many diseases contribute to poor nutrition, especially addiction, and eating disorders. Having an unhealthy diet causes low energy, headaches, and sleep problems.

During our men’s rehab program, Ocean Recovery ensures that each person receives proper nutrition. We also teach men how to choose healthy meals and separate cravings and real hunger. We even provide a meal plan to help with shopping and preparing meals at home after rehab.

Come to Ocean Recovery for Male-Only Rehab

A fit, smiling man on the beach at men's rehab program in CA.At Ocean Recovery, we understand your desire to seek treatment among male peers. During male-only recovery, we’ll provide 24-hour supervision and support. Along with the above treatment services, we offer so much more, including:

  • 90-day extended care
  • Outpatient programs
  • Art therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Trauma-focused therapy

As part of our whole-person approach, Ocean Recovery provides a range of activities for men. Some of these include fishing, surfing, kayaking and attending professional sporting events.

Don’t let addiction, an eating disorder or other co-occurring disorders destroy your life. Get help to rebuild your future at Ocean Recovery. Call us now at 800-641-2388 to begin your journey.