EMDR Therapy

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Treatment Center

The decision to enter treatment is difficult and it’s one that can change a life. If you’re considering treatment, and if you’re like I was when I began, you’re probably full of questions. In fact, I had questions about my questions and wondered if I was asking the right ones. While every patient is different…


Communication Strategies for Families

The effects of substance abuse and eating disorders go far beyond the person suffering from it. Almost invariably, the lives of every single family member of the afflicted are touched as well. This makes communication between family members as important as ever. While skills like active listening and strategies like setting aside time to talk…

Healthy Boundaries

Setting and Maintaining Healthy Boundaries

Healthy Boundaries Vs. Weak Boundaries Healthy boundaries are integral to fulfilling relationships and happy lives. Unfortunately, many of us – especially those of us in recovery – don’t learn the required skills to set and maintain boundaries. In fact, unhealthy boundaries were likely contributed to many of our problems, whether it was from abuse, codependent…