Are You Suffering from Percocet Withdrawal? Side Effects, Timeline and How to Treat:

Percocet is a powerful opioid containing both acetaminophen and oxycodone that is traditionally used to treat those suffering from moderate to severe pain. Although acetaminophen is found in over-the-counter medications and typically thought of as a low-grade pain reliever, when combined with oxycodone, it heightens the effects of the narcotic. Percocet is a drug that…

Awareness concept - Person writing in a notebook holding an illuminated lightbulb

The Principles of Recovery: Awareness

Studying the Bigger Picture Awareness, or spirituality, can be a difficult concept, particularly for those of us with misgivings about organized religion. However, the spirituality we’re talking about has nothing to do with the dogma or doctrines of those entities. Rather, it’s the next logical step following humility and love. In our blog on humility,…