Courage - Woman raising her fist in victory

The Principles of the Twelve Steps: Courage

Searching and Fearless The principles of twelve-step programs each correspond to a step. This week’s principle undergirds the fourth step, which has a reputation both infamous and legendary among those of us in recovery. The step reads, we “made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.” After admitting to ourselves we had a problem…

Eating Disorders, the Holidays, at Stay-at-Home Orders - Festive table

Eating Disorders, the Holidays, and Stay-At-Home Orders

Extra Support During a Trying Time This week, we’d like to put our discussion of twelve-step principles on hold for a minute. As you may know, in addition to substance use disorders, Ocean Recovery has also treated co-occurring eating disorders since 2002. And the holidays can be a tremendously difficult time for people struggling with…