Doctors Give Grim News to Mom Who Refuses to Stop Drinking: The Face The Truth Team and Ocean Recovery Offer to Save Her

Ocean Recovery Helps Korey Begin the Foundation for a Lasting Recovery

In this 11 episode series on Face The Truth, Alec doesn’t know who his mom is without alcohol and he throws an ultimatum at her – will Korey choose her son or the alcohol?

Korey breaks down and tearfully asks Judge “Scary Mary” how you learn to love yourself. Dr. Judy introduces Kathy Tunney from Ocean Recovery who offers Korey a supervised medical detox and rehab program. “It’s time to relieve your son of the burden and the fear,” shares Kathy. Korey accepts help without hesitation.

Since the show, Korey has been at our oceanside residential environment staying true to the personalized treatment plan we provided her and is doing extremely well

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Alec and Korey embrace after receiving an invitation to Ocean Recovery.