Woman On Dr. Phil Claims Her Alcohol-Dependent Twin Drinks ‘Whatever She Can Get A Hold Of’

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Ocean Recovery Helps Erica, a Young Adult Woman, Build a Foundation For Lasting Recovery

The relationship between Ocean Recovery and Dr. Phil has developed to the point where he knows he can turn to us for assistance with his toughest cases. Enter Erica, a 31-year-old Florida woman, who developed an eating disorder at the age of 10 as a means to assert some control over a traumatic childhood. By the age of 25, that eating disorder had expanded into a substance abuse problem that included hand sanitizer, hairspray, and even bug spray – anything to get high and shut off reality. It’s led to 13 eating disorder treatment episodes and 17 for alcohol, countless hospital stays, and 14 comas. As heartbreaking as her story is, it’s all too familiar us. Ocean Recovery welcomed the opportunity to help Erica build a foundation for a lasting, successful recovery.

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After 14 comas and near death, Dr. Phil refers to Erica to Ocean Recovery for treatment at our Newport Beach women’s facility.