About Kathy

Kathy Tunney is a seasoned expert in addiction treatment, boasting an impressive tenure of 28 years in the field. She holds a master’s degree in psychology from California State University, earned in 1982, which laid the foundation for her profound understanding of the complexities of addiction and recovery.

In 2002, driven by her vision and commitment to holistic recovery, Kathy founded Ocean Recovery. Under her leadership, the institution has become synonymous with transformative care, offering tailored strategies that cater to the unique needs of each individual. Kathy’s philosophy is rooted in the belief that treatment is a journey of transformation, not a defining moment. This ethos is evident in her approach, where she emphasizes a well-rounded continuum of care.

Kathy’s innovation in the field is further highlighted by the family programs she has developed, which aim to guide not just the individual, but their entire family towards the path of recovery. Her expertise also encompasses working with individuals with dual diagnoses, ensuring they receive comprehensive and nuanced care.

Kathy’s vigilant approach and her pioneering gender-specific treatment methodologies, Ocean Recovery has been a guiding light for countless individuals, helping them navigate the challenges of addiction and steering them towards a brighter, sober future. With Kathy at the helm, Ocean Recovery stands as a beacon of hope, guiding countless individuals towards a brighter, sober future.


  • Masters of Psychology from California State University (1982)


  • 28 years in the field of addiction treatment.
  • Developed numerous family programs for holistic recovery.
  • Pioneered gender-specific treatment methodologies in addiction care.