About Daniel

Danny, the admissions specialist for Ocean Recovery, brings a unique perspective and dedication to his role, having been a client himself in 2016. His personal journey through recovery fuels his passion for helping others succeed and reclaim their lives. He understands the challenges individuals face and is committed to supporting them every step of the way.

Deeply embedded in the Ocean’s community, Danny recognizes the importance of fostering a supportive environment where individuals can thrive in their recovery journey. He believes in the power of camaraderie and the value of having fun in sobriety, emphasizing the importance of building meaningful connections and enjoying life without the influence of substances.

Outside of his work, Danny cherishes spending time with his wife Chelsea and their three dogs. Their bond provides him with a sense of fulfillment and joy, reinforcing his commitment to living a fulfilling and balanced life in recovery.

With his firsthand experience, compassion, and dedication, Danny plays a crucial role in guiding individuals towards a brighter future at Ocean Recovery. His unwavering support and genuine care make him an invaluable asset to the community.