About Aoife Quinn

Aoife is a case manager who is passionate about helping her clients develop the skills they need to overcome their disorders and achieve a fulfilling life. She specializes in education about coping mechanisms, cognitive distortions, goal achievement, 12 step resources, and aftercare. She believes that a sense of community and connection can build the groundwork needed to achieve integrity and self-esteem in longterm recovery. Aoife is a registered drug and alcohol technician who received her BA of Sociology at Chapman University.

Her passion about the co-morbidity of addiction and eating disorders led her to write her graduating thesis on how social class affects the development and treatment of eating disorders. As an alumni of Ocean Recovery, Aoife understands and urges the importance of utilizing all of the resources one may need in their journey of recovery. Aoife is pursuing her masters degree in marriage and family counseling, and plans to continue to grow and educate herself more on how she can better provide guidance for individuals and families who need it.