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Alcohol Addiction

What Is the Strongest Alcohol? The Risks of Drinking the Strongest Drinks in the World

What Is The Strongest Alcohol? The Risks Of Drinking The Strongest Drinks In The World

Countless substances are abused in the US every day, and while drugs like “meth” and “fentanyl” get all of the press, many other drugs are actively destroying lives each day. Not only the lives of those who choose to get involved with them but often the lives of those around them and who care about them are also thrown into peril, with the outcome often dependent on someone whose loved ones have already offered help.

The big-name illegal drugs are always the first ones named, but there are far more agents at work against your family’s health. Prescription drugs can be dangerous and even deadly when misused or abused, and some of them can be almost impossible to stop using, like opioids and benzodiazepines. But there are even more. You may not usually give them a second thought because they are freely available to buyers of legal age and are easy to find in every corner of our country. Alcoholic drinks, including some of the strongest alcohol you can buy, are at the nation’s fingertips and are the cause behind countless addictions and complications.

Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant, which slows down the activity of the central nervous system, the system of communication between your brain and your body. When consumed, this effect feels pleasurable and relaxing, but it can have a dramatically negative effect over the long term. When the user drinks one, two, or even several drinks, they often feel a sense of pleasure and euphoria, as well as a big increase in sociability

But over time, or when drinking incredibly strong drinks made from the strongest alcohol, you could feel the effects of chronic alcohol use or abuse. These effects may include a measurable decrease in cognitive function, developing or worsening other mental health issues or conditions, and potential brain damage. Continued abuse of the strongest alcohol can even lead to the failure of multiple systems in the body, from liver failure to heart failure. It can boost the risk of several different types of cancers as well.

What Is the Strongest Alcohol in the World?

Every region will have its distinct version of the strongest alcohol available. For example, in the US, it can be found commercially in products like Everclear or privately as moonshine, and while it can be some of the best alcohol you’ve ever tasted, it can also be the most dangerous drink you’ll ever have.

Because of the inherent dangers of alcohol consumption, there is a strong chance that anyone purposely drinking these alcohols who isn’t already used to their effects can be in an extremely dangerous and even deadly position.

If you are at a party and they have Everclear or moonshine, the best choice is to avoid using any quantity of either substance. Not only can it cause unpredictable and even dangerous intoxication, but that intoxication can come on quicker and harder than the drinker may be used to. This can lead to both dangerous and irresponsible consumption, but it can quickly lead to alcohol poisoning, too.

Why You Want to Avoid Drinking the Strongest Alcohol: Side Effects & Dangers of Drinking This Alcohol

The main reason and the most obvious one is that it is too potent to be responsibly enjoyed, and even one drink can become much more intoxicating than the user intends. In situations like this, it can cause the user to become uncomfortably intoxicated, drunker than they are comfortable being, and likely drunker than they thought they would get from one “simple” drink.

Since the strongest alcohol like Everclear and moonshine are often used in mixed drinks that can cover up their astringent taste, they can be quickly disguised in super-sweet party drinks. This sounds like a great economized use of alcohol to achieve an effect, but it can also be dangerous to people who cannot properly gauge how much alcohol they’re taking in.

Sometimes, even those who drink all the time can be caught off-guard by a stronger drink than anticipated. In a situation like this, the person who consumed the drink, even though they knew they were drinking an alcoholic drink, can become much more intoxicated than planned. During the period following a drink being finished, there is still a delay while the alcohol gets absorbed by the digestive system, so over the next 1-2 hours, someone that has been given a drink that’s too strong can become significantly drunker than they planned.

This can lead to an overdose or alcohol poisoning situation relatively easily. If someone is on medication that allows them to have a single drink, having a drink with an alcohol content of several additional drinks can be disastrous and can lead to tragedy. In someone with a heart condition, a single drink may be well within the doctor’s guidelines, but the overproof party cup can jeopardize their cardiac health.

What Alcohol Poisoning Can Do to You

Alcohol poisoning is an acute response to drinking too much alcohol too rapidly. In those in the best of health, alcohol poisoning may simply mean a short stay at the hospital, but that’s not always the case. On those who have underlying health conditions or on those with smaller bodies, alcohol poisoning can be deadly. In addition, it is a common result of those drinking more than intended and requires immediate emergency medical attention.

The most common signs that someone is becoming affected by alcohol poisoning include:

  • Confusion
  • Inability to form coherent speech
  • Vomiting uncontrollably and constantly
  • Seizing or losing physical control of their body
  • Passing out, unable to be woken up
  • Slow breathing or shallow, depressed breathing
  • Low body temperature or hypothermia
  • Pale or even blue appearance from hypoxia

You should immediately seek emergency care if anyone near you displays any of these symptoms or indicates that they may have dangerously high blood alcohol content. Failure to get medical attention can result in a seizure, coma, and even death.

If someone is vomiting and unable to stop, do not leave them alone. Even if they seem like they can control themselves, it may be the beginning signs of alcohol poisoning. Alcohol poisoning can take effect over an hour or two, so if someone has just started vomiting, be sure that they stop or can otherwise control themselves.

How Seeking the Strongest Alcohol Can Be a Sign of an Underlying Addiction

Sometimes, those living with an underlying addiction to alcohol will seek out the strongest alcohol so that it’s easier to get their body what it needs to be functional. This can be seen in those who move from beer to hard liquor and from common liquors to the strongest alcohol products.

If you or someone you know feels like their usual alcohol just isn’t affecting them like they are expecting, and shopping for stronger alcohol is the next step, there may be a problem with alcohol at the core of things. Individuals who have been using alcohol for a long time or have been using larger quantities or stronger products will often find that they will experience a very intense withdrawal stage when they try to go through detox and withdrawals by themselves.

Addictions that are fought at this point are best treated with professional help, in a facility and with staff that can provide the individual care needed for optimal healing and recovery. In some cases, with certain addiction types and severities, there may even exist the option for a medically-assisted detox stage, which can get you through the worst of the physical detox symptoms and withdrawals in a matter of days.

How to Get Help if Addicted to Alcohol of Any Kind

If you or someone you care about is having issues with alcohol addiction or are starting to seek out the strongest alcohol you can find, it can be a solid indication that the time is right for professional help. You can reach out now to professionals who can discuss the details of the addiction needs in a confidential environment and get expert input on how to best begin the most important stage of recovery.

By working with experienced addiction professionals in a facility designed for maximum effectiveness, the individual working to beat their addiction to the strongest alcohol will be given the strongest and longest-lasting foundation for recovery.

Medical supervision could be life-saving for those battling long-time addiction in the event of potential complications. Trying to dry out at home doesn’t have the same security or comfort. The best choice to heal your body and mind from alcohol addiction is to allow professionals to help you.


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