Addiction isn’t always easy to recognize. Most people know the dangers of cocaine or heroin abuse but don’t see prescription pills as dangerous. However, prescription medication abuse is an alarming trend that affects millions of Americans. People commonly abuse opioids, and they’re incredibly addictive. Percocet is one of these prescription drugs that may lead to the need for Percocet addiction treatment if abuse and dependency go unchecked.

About Percocet

A man thinks about his percocet addiction treatmentPercocet is a combination of oxycodone and acetaminophen. It’s a narcotic painkiller that doctors prescribe to patients, typically for short-term use. The drug relieves pain, but it also gives users feelings of euphoria and relaxation. When people grow dependent on these feelings, they may take more medication than their doctor prescribed as their tolerance grows.

However, not everyone who abuses Percocet has a valid prescription for it. Some people abuse a friend or family member’s unused pills, while others specifically buy pills on the black market to feed their drug habit.

Recognizing Percocet Addiction

Some people don’t believe prescription medication can be as addictive as illicit drugs like heroin or meth, but this isn’t true. When people abuse painkillers, they do so to experience a high. A person’s brain chemistry changes when he uses Percocet. The longer he takes the drug, the higher the risk of addiction.

Are you concerned about your increasing reliance on Percocet, although your pain issues are in the past? Alternatively, perhaps you’re worried about a loved one whose recent behavior has drastically changed. If you know she or he is taking prescription painkillers, the pills could be to blame.

How do you know if rehab is necessary? Physical and psychological signs that point to a need for Percocet addiction treatment include:

  • Sleepiness
  • Confusion
  • Agitation
  • Anxiety
  • Constricted pupils

If you’re the one battling the problem, maybe your original doctor stopped prescribing the medication for you. You’ve had to look for other doctors, or “doctor shop.” You might also have financial difficulties as you spend more of your resources on securing your supply.

In addition, if you’ve taken to crushing the pills to snort or smoke them in order to experience a more intense high, you put yourself at greater risk of an overdose.

The Need for Percocet Addiction Treatment

Long-term Percocet abuse has consequences, including severe constipation, organ damage, and addiction. Users may also experience the typical negative consequences associated with any type of drug and alcohol abuse. These include relationship problems, social isolation, and legal troubles.

Finding a quality Percocet addiction treatment program can help you get to the core issues of your dependency. Many people think that they can stop using on their own, but this isn’t usually the case. Once addiction takes hold, it’s tough to quit without the right treatment.

During rehab, you’ll learn how drug and alcohol dependency work. You’ll identify the things, people or situations that cause you stress. Instead of abusing Percocet or other drugs as a coping mechanism, you’ll learn to face your problems effectively. With help from skilled addiction specialists, peer support and various therapies, you can overcome your dependency and create a brighter future.

Building a Foundation for Hope

Ocean Recovery in Newport Beach, California can provide the Percocet addiction treatment you or a loved one needs. Our beachfront facility treats drug and alcohol addiction as well as eating disorders.

Men and women can set the stage for long-term recovery in our residential treatment program. We also offer extended care of 90 days or more. By taking an integrative approach to care, our dedicated professionals create individualized treatment plans that focus on each client’s unique issues.

The substance abuse treatment programs we offer include:

Get the Percocet addiction treatment you need in a supportive, luxurious environment. The caring team at Ocean Recovery will be with you every step of the way as you regain control of your life. Call us today at 800-641-2388 for more information.