Meth is a nervous system stimulant. It provides you with an intense high. However, it’s also highly addictive. Overcoming a dependence on the substance is possible by checking into a meth addiction treatment center, specifically one in Newport Beach, CA.

How Meth Hooks Its Users

A woman participates in group therapy at a meth addiction treatment center in Newport Beach CAMeth stimulates the brain’s reward center. In the process, it manipulates the release of dopamine, which is the body’s feel-good neurotransmitter. Your body over-produces this chemical while you’re on meth. As a result, you feel a euphoric high.

When the drug wears off, dopamine levels normalize. The high goes away. Because you want to relive it, you take another hit. Many people keep bingeing over multiple days.

But while it affects the reward center, meth also rewrites your brain’s chemistry. Soon, you need the drug in your system to trigger any sort of dopamine release. Failure to use the drug results in a deepening depression and feelings of hopelessness. Checking into a meth addiction treatment center in Newport Beach CA helps you to overcome this form of dependency.

Why Should You Get Help at a Meth Addiction Treatment Center?

Meth changes you. You’ll lie, cheat, steal, and do anything you have to because you want to keep using. Depending on how long you’ve been taking the drug, there are probably now also various psychological side effects. You can’t sleep, which leads to anxiety and aggression.

You have severe mood swings, which cause you to lash out at people. Maybe you become violent. Some people develop paranoia and psychosis. This drug isn’t something you can quit at home alone.

It’s so intrusive into your mind’s workings that it takes trained therapists at a meth addiction treatment center in Newport Beach CA to help. Moreover, there’s a severe toll on your physical well-being as well. Weight loss can result in organ damage. The drug’s abuse can also lead to blood pressure problems, skin sores, meth mouth, and nerve damage.

How Rehab Helps You to Recover from a Meth Problem

The typical course of treatment is inpatient drug rehab. Until you overcome the cravings, the relapse potential is too high for other approaches. Immersion in a therapeutic environment also ensures that you receive medical and clinical care. Examples of treatments include:

  • Dual diagnosis assessment and treatment for program participants with co-occurring mental health challenges such as anxiety or depression
  • Nutritional counseling and support that helps support your physiological recovery from meth abuse
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy to assist with getting to your reasons for using the drug and then modifying actions to support sobriety
  • Trauma therapy as a means of overcoming unresolved situations from the past that may affect your susceptibility to drug abuse
  • Experiential therapies such as art and journaling that allow for introspection

Because each person is different, an intake counselor at a meth addiction treatment center in Newport Beach CA will customize a care protocol for you. It may include all or only some of the modalities. It may also include others. The goal is to help you understand your reasons for using and then find workarounds.

When you need to boost coping skills, for example, process group therapy can be an excellent option. You explore addiction-related topics with a group of peers. The therapist is a background facilitator who only steps in when necessary. The goal is for you and others in recovery to find ways to problem-solve, relate, and strive for solutions.

If you’re struggling with a drug dependency right now, don’t put off getting the help you need to quit. At a meth addiction treatment center, caring counselors want to help. Case in point is Ocean Recovery. A quick call to 800-641-2388 lets you schedule an appointment today.