There’s no shortage to the number of substances people use to alter their moods and perception. Some substances are legal to use, such as alcohol, while many others are not. All drugs and alcohol pose dangers when people abuse them, and ecstasy is no different. Many recreational users insist that they can stop using whenever they want, but this is often a pattern of denial for them. They may need ecstasy addiction treatment to break free of the drug if it begins taking over their lives.

Dangers of Ecstasy Abuse

A woman sits at her desk and realizes she needs ecstasy addiction treatmentEcstasy — also known as MDMA, molly, or E — is a synthetic stimulant. It’s illegal to make and use, but that doesn’t stop people from manufacturing and taking it. Ecstasy also has hallucinogenic properties. When someone takes it, they will be very alert and energetic but may also experience a sense of distorted reality.

The drug generally comes in pill form. Due to its stimulating effects, many users in the rave scene abuse it. Ecstasy gives them the energy they need to party all night long.

Although someone who manufactures ecstasy may claim it’s a pure form of MDMA, users usually have no way of knowing how pure it is. The drug may contain other substances, including cocaine or LSD. Even worse, some dealers cut it with rat poison.

Dangers always increase when someone takes a drug without knowing exactly what’s in it. This puts them at high risk of severe consequences, including overdose.

The more they abuse the drug, the more likely they’ll eventually need ecstasy addiction treatment.

Signs of Ecstasy Addiction

Are you concerned that you or a loved one needs ecstasy addiction treatment? What signs of addiction should you seek out? They include:

  • Increased anxiety
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Dilated pupils
  • Changes in sleep pattern
  • Jitters

If thoughts of using consume you, and you take ecstasy even when you’re not partying, this signals a problem. You could be dependent or even addicted to the drug. Without treatment, you’ll begin to feel depressed and suffer memory problems.

It’s hard to admit you have a problem with drugs and alcohol, but recognizing the problem is your first step toward getting better.

What to Expect in Ecstasy Addiction Treatment

Addiction means you’re no longer in control of a substance. Instead, that substance controls you. Ecstasy addiction treatment is designed to help you break free of the vicious cycle of drug abuse.

You’ll have to detox, or stop using drugs altogether. Your body will go through withdrawal, which can be unpleasant. However, detoxing from ecstasy is rarely as uncomfortable as detoxing from other drugs, such as alcohol or heroin.

Detox is only the beginning of your recovery. Once you’re clear of addictive substances, you’re ready for the next phase of rehab. You may attend residential or outpatient treatment, depending on the severity of your use. You’ll participate in various forms of therapy, including individual and group counseling sessions.

You might also enjoy complementary therapies like holistic practices to integrate all facets of your health.

Therapy helps you get to the core issues that contributed to your addiction. It also gives you the necessary skills to cope with stress and pain productively instead of escaping with drug and alcohol abuse.

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