According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) annual National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), almost 23 million Americans over the age of 12 need help overcoming addiction. If you or a loved one are in need of alcoholism treatment, it’s essential to find the best treatment center for lasting recovery.

Effects of Alcoholism

Older man with hand on head looking forward to alcoholism treatment.Alcoholism, also known as alcohol abuse, is an addiction to alcohol. Individuals dealing with alcohol abuse rarely start drinking with the intent of altering their behavior and disturbing the people around them. But many keep drinking despite the destruction it causes. Alcohol is highly addictive for some people. Those are the ones who find themselves in need of alcoholism treatment.

Furthermore, alcoholism causes physical and mental dependency on alcohol. If you suffer from alcohol addiction, you most likely drink despite the many issues created by alcohol dependency. Above all, you put your life at risk by drinking and risk harming others too.

Signs You Need Alcoholism Treatment

Do you feel ashamed about your drinking habits, but don’t do anything about it due to alcohol dependence? If yes, it’s time for alcoholism treatment in order to overcome your battle with alcohol. Signs of alcoholism include:

  • Neglect favorite activities
  • Social isolation
  • Change in personality
  • Disengagement of family and friends
  • Unwillingness to stop drinking
  • Erratic, compulsive or violent behavior
  • Declining production at work or school

People suffering from alcoholism tend to suffer blackouts or short-term memory loss. They also suffer extreme mood swings and choose to drink over other people and activities. You drink alone or in secrecy, hide alcohol around your home or office and make excuses for your drinking. You also suffer symptoms of alcohol withdrawal if you stop drinking for a period of time.

Alcoholism Treatment in Newport Beach, California

Alcoholism treatment is available in a wide variety of forms. According to NSDUH, more than one million people sought alcohol rehab in 2015. Most noteworthy, individuals have the best chance of a lasting recovery through certified treatment centers and therapy providers. Licensed alcoholism treatment centers provide individuals with the help, support, education, and therapies for an enduring recovery.

Most licensed treatment centers provide options through long and short-term programs, as well as treatment at varying levels of intensity. Ocean Recovery provides drug rehab Newport Beach residents an array of addiction treatment programs that include:

For your alcoholism treatment to be successful, you must complete your program with a clear understanding of your problem. To discover the underlying causes of your addiction, such as trauma or co-occurring disorders, you must go through some sort of psychotherapy.

In therapy, you follow a therapist’s guidance in exploring why you started abusing substances and how you can overcome those root causes. You learn constructive alternatives to drinking, such as recreation or art. You also gain the education and skills you need for relapse prevention and a more productive life. Types of therapy you receive at Ocean Recovery to overcome your co-occurring conditions or root causes of addiction to alcohol include:

Our rehab center in California is on a mission to build you a promising future without alcohol. Call today at 800-641-2388.