Adderall is a stimulant drug. Doctors prescribe it for the management of ADHD. It contains amphetamine derivatives, which add an abuse potential. An Adderall addiction treatment center can be your way out of dependency. Newport Beach, CA is a great place to start looking for treatment for an Adderall addiction.

How Adderall Dependency Forms

A woman holds a drug capsule thinking about how she needs an adderall addiction treatment center in newport beach caWhen you take the drug as your doctor prescribes, Adderall responds to a chemical imbalance. There’s a low addiction potential. The problem of addiction arises when you take the medication in an off-label way.

For example, people without the imbalance shouldn’t take Adderall. Even if you do have ADHD, overdosing can lead to addiction. To get high, some people snort, smoke, or take high doses of the drug. The stimulant makes you feel awake, able to concentrate, and lets you avoid eating.

These effects endear it to students, in particular, who’ll need help from an Adderall addiction treatment center in Newport Beach CA to quit using. A dependency forms when you can’t focus, control your sleep or regulate food intake patterns without the drug.

What Happens at an Adderall Addiction Treatment Center?

People think that Adderall abuse isn’t that serious. After all, doctors prescribe this drug to kids. What they don’t realize is the potential for seizures, as well as the possibility of suffering a heart attack. Moreover, long-term use can result in unwanted psychological side effects.

You may experience paranoia or bursts of rage. At an Adderall addiction treatment center in Newport Beach CA, you’ll typically find a young adult rehab program alongside a standard curriculum. There, therapists help you regain control of your life. Typical treatments include:

Do You Need Inpatient Treatment?

Choosing the right therapy delivery method usually happens when you talk to an intake counselor. You speak with the therapist at the Adderall addiction treatment center in Newport Beach CA to define the scope of your treatment needs. At that time, you learn about the choices that are open to you. Options include:

  • Residential treatment that provides around-the-clock care for program participants with an intense dependency
  • Extended stay opportunities for individuals who need more than 30 days to heal from an Adderall addiction
  • Partial hospitalization that lets you undergo treatment and stay at the facility during the day but return home at night
  • Intensive outpatient treatment as a means of maintaining your work or school schedule with part-time therapy
  • Sober living as a transitional option that comes into play after finishing rehab

If you discover that the treatment delivery option you’ve chosen isn’t working for you, it’s possible to make changes. As you work through your recovery, you may find that a residential setting makes the most sense. Conversely, you may progress more rapidly through the sessions than you had anticipated. In both cases, you might discuss a change of treatment structure with your counselor.

What Happens If You Don’t Seek Help?

An addiction to Adderall doesn’t suddenly end. It continues to get worse. You may find that the drug doesn’t do it for you any longer. In this case, you may move on to other or multiple stimulants.

Don’t let this happen to you. You can get out of the vicious cycle of addiction today with the help of therapists. The Adderall addiction treatment center at Ocean Recovery can help. Call 800-641-2388 today for assistance.