When people decide to get addiction treatment, one of the first things they worry about is the cost. Many of them even hesitate to seek help because of it. However, paying for rehab doesn’t have to deter them. Taking on the expense is a worthy investment, and there are several ways to do it.

Why Investing in Rehab Is Worth It

Intake counselor giving man options for paying for rehab.

People who worry about the cost of rehab often lean toward outpatient care because it’s cheaper than inpatient care. However, it might not provide the amount of support that they need to overcome addiction and remain sober. For this reason, it’s a worthy investment to enroll in an inpatient program from the beginning. Outpatient care is an ideal way to get continued support during the transition from inpatient treatment to home life.

Although it doesn’t appear so on the surface, investing in rehab can save people money in the long run. They won’t have to buy alcohol or drugs anymore, are more likely to keep steady jobs, and could avoid legal problems. Many people who overcome addiction also repair their relationships and avoid costly divorces and medical conditions.

Methods of Paying for Rehab

Regardless of people’s financial situations, there are numerous ways to pay rehab bills. The following are great options for anyone who expects out-of-pocket costs. It’s very common for people to combine several of these.

Health Insurance

The first way to consider paying for rehab is through their insurance companies. Private health insurers cover at least part of the care, but some of them will pay for all of it. Co-pays can also be affordable so that clients don’t have to pay an enormous amount out of pocket.

Clients or the rehab center can contact the insurers for insurance verification to determine their plan benefits. Although it’s cheaper for the facilities to be in-network providers, it’s possible to cover the additional cost for out-of-network providers as well.

Private Financing

After learning how much health insurance will cover, clients can look at other methods of paying for rehab. One wide-ranging option is private financing. Clients can dig into their savings, life insurance policies or retirement accounts.

If they don’t have these options, they might be able to arrange a payment schedule with the rehab center. Some rehabs offer sliding scale fees, which take clients’ incomes into account. Those who have cars, homes or other large items to use as collateral could apply for personal loans. There are also financial institutions that specifically work with people who need rehab financing.

Health care credit cards may be a viable option too. Some companies specifically help those who have poor credit but need medical care. However, the interest rates are typically higher than the above financing options. It’s crucial that clients only take this route if they can repay the debt quickly.

Family and Friends

Clients who struggle with paying for rehab shouldn’t be afraid to ask their family and friends for help. In most cases, they’re more than willing to offer support when they see genuine intent to change and recover. Clients can suggest making the payments directly to their rehab facilities so that there’s no question about where the money goes. If they can’t provide financial help themselves, they could help clients raise money through traditional or online fundraising.


Applying for rehab scholarships is another possible way to pay for rehab. Local addiction community centers, foundations, and even individuals offer sponsorships for clients who need treatment. They could pay for part or all of the expenses. Some rehab centers award scholarships too, so it’s a good idea to ask the admissions counselor.

Ocean Recovery Accepts Many Insurance Plans

Are you ready to get addiction treatment? Ocean Recovery is a center for drug addiction and eating disorders treatment. We know how overwhelming it is for some clients to find ways to pay for care. Our team can help you determine which services your insurer will cover.

At Ocean Recovery, we offer separate facilities for men and women to help them focus on recovery. No matter your gender, you’ll have access to a range of programs such as inpatient rehab and an aftercare program. Our treatment takes a holistic approach to providing many activities, including:

  • Swimming
  • Ropes courses
  • Attending professional sports events
  • Volleyball
  • Yoga

Don’t let paying for rehab keep you from seeking the help you deserve. Get comprehensive care at Ocean Recovery. Reach out to us today at 800-641-2388 to figure out how to get started on your addiction recovery.