Women with addiction often struggle with deciding to enter rehab treatment. If you suffered trauma or stressful past experiences and started abusing drugs to escape these problems, you understand this hesitation. However, a womens drug rehab center understands your needs. This female-focused treatment helps you learn how to overcome stress, trauma, and complicated relationships without abusing substances.

Why You Need Help from a Womens Drug Rehab Center

A woman looks sad during a therapy session at a womens drug rehab center in newport beach caEntering a womens drug rehab center means committing to change your life. Recovery requires dramatic changes in your daily living, as well as addressing past problems. Your treatment program uses therapies and other methods to understand how you started the road to addiction. You also learn coping skills to prevent relapse in the future.

The goal of womens drug rehab center treatment is providing you with a safe, comfortable atmosphere for addressing your addiction’s causes. Being in a program with both genders sometimes causes hesitation for digging into emotional topics. In a gender-specific rehab, you and your peers inherently understand each other. This provides a safe space for addressing very personal trauma and sensitive needs.

Every day in the United States, 42 women die from drug overdose. These women and those abusing alcohol also suffer physical effects, violence, and sexual assault associated with their addiction. Women experience physical effects of addiction in different ways than men, too. Therefore, in a womens drug rehab center, therapies and treatments specifically address women’s needs.

The best means of finding your way into a women’s program is to explore the website of a womens drug rehab center in Newport Beach CA. When you see a match that seems to fit, talk to the intake counselor and learn more about available programs. If you have concerns, bring those up. Ask how they treat women, what their gender-specific programs offer and what you should expect from daily life in rehab.

Womens Drug Rehab Center Benefits

One of the biggest benefits of gaining treatment through a womens drug rehab center is that of a greater chance for successful recovery. Because you feel safer in sharing your struggles, trauma, and emotions in a gender-specific program, this enables better healing. The women around you provide nonjudgmental support. You also share common ground regarding some of your past experiences.

You learn more from your peers in women’s rehab. Although you learn a great deal in any rehab program with both men and women, being around women offers greater benefit. You see their struggles and learn from their mistakes as well as your own. You learn from each others’ behaviors and solutions, making your road to recovery easier.

In rehab for women, you also build a support system you lean on for years to come. Many people maintain contact with their new friends from rehab and keep each other accountable in sobriety. You likely sacrificed quality relationships during your addiction. So these new friends provide the safe support you need without substance abuse.

Womens drug rehab treatment addresses factors in addiction specifically affecting women. These include marital relationships, sexual orientation, co-occurring mental health conditions, socioeconomic status, past abuse, and trauma. Women also face unique barriers to getting the treatment they need. A quality women’s rehab addresses these factors, including financial problems, social stigma, custody problems, and childcare concerns.

Treatment for Women in Newport Beach CA

In a womens drug addiction treatment center in California, the help you need waits for you. A womens drug rehab center in Newport Beach CA provides the female-focused programs, support, and education you need for strong, lasting recovery. Ocean Recovery in Newport Beach helps you build the foundation for hope in your life through programs that include:

When you face the big decision of which treatment program to enter, get to know the professionals of Ocean Recovery’s womens drug rehab center in Newport Beach CA. At Ocean Recovery you can rebuild your life and make it what you truly want. Call Ocean Recovery now at 800-641-2388.