Ocean Recovery is an upscale rehab center in California along the steady, serene backdrop of the Pacific. Ocean Recovery delivers an ideal place for a sober living Newport Beach program. Above all, the mission of Ocean Recovery after rehab is to supply secure and sober living by the sea on Newport Beach. In sober living, you continue your recovery among peers while smoothly transitioning back into your community.

Young bearded man peaceful after rehab at sober living Newport Beach.Sober living Newport Beach provides a place for you to live and work after residential rehab or extended care for drug or alcohol addiction treatment. You learn to live independently without abusing your substances. Furthermore, you gain practice in relapse prevention while maintaining strong support in the household. For your best chance of lasting recovery, there is no better place to test all you learned in rehab.

What is Sober Living Newport Beach?

Our Newport Beach recovery center delivers a group home environment free of alcohol and drugs. People completing a 90-day extended care recovery program at Ocean Recovery transition from the residential rehab environment into these homes, if they choose. For people truly wanting the best chance of lasting sobriety, sober living provides that extra stability, support, and care they need before returning to their own home.

Most transitional sober living homes operate like a roommate or co-op environment. You pay your portion of household costs and help maintain the home with assigned chores. You must also follow rules of the home, or you risk being evicted. So sober living provides the structure and rules you need, to continue building your healthy perspective and sober life.

Companies, religious groups, and even private citizens own sober living homes. Ocean Recovery provides its own sober living Newport Beach, so clients leaving rehab have another option for continued care and support.

Lastly, these managers oversee the household, enforce rules and provide support for residents. Other homes operate like a democracy, allowing each resident power in making decisions. Regardless of the home structure, sober living requires residents to follow rules of recovery.

How Does Sober Living Newport Beach Keep You Clean and Sober?

Sober living Newport Beach adds extra time, support and safety to your rehab experience. You move into the home after rehab, when you decide this setting is best for you. But sober living is not just like rehab. These are loosely structured environments where you live while maintaining employment and getting back on your feet in society.

Some homes require random drug testing. Others require support group attendance. But you are free to come and go as you need to for work, family time or recreation. Your primary requirement is following house rules. Otherwise, you do not answer to anyone and live independently, charting your course in recovery.

Sober living homes have a zero tolerance policy for drug or alcohol use. This rule is essential, for the protection of every resident’s sobriety. People live in these homes for better strength and a better chance for reliable recovery. So breaking the house rules means you put everyone’s recovery in jeopardy.

Stability of sober living is priceless when you’re relearning how to function in society without alcohol or drugs. You need structure in your life, just like you had in rehab. Studies show how chaotic or dysfunctional home life derails recovery and increases the chance of relapse. This is where sober living benefits you most, providing the calm, safety and security you need with daily structure.

Your fellow residents in sober living support you in many ways, just as you help them. Attending support group meetings like the 12-step program is essential. However, peers in recovery around you for this lengthy period is invaluable as you begin your new life.

Finding Sober Living Newport Beach

Ocean Recovery in Newport Beach offers sober living options to clients completing residential rehab and the 90-day extended care program. After you become clean and sober, you want the best possible chance of continuing recovery. This is where sober living provides great benefit.

Other programs at Ocean Recovery include:

If you or someone you love want an end to the cycle of addiction in your life, call Ocean Recovery now at 800-641-2388. Through the right programs, the life you want awaits.