The treatment a quality mens drug rehab center provides has changed a lot in the past few decades. Today, behavioral health care providers understand that the genders differ in how they deal with addiction. In fact, more men fall into cycles of drug use compared to women. How a substance use disorder looks also differs between men and women.

Men usually start treatment later in their addiction than women. They also use drugs for different reasons versus women and tend to start this problem behavior at different periods in their lives. All of these factors affect treatment.

Drug Addiction Differences for Men

A therapist thinks during a session with a male client at a mens drug rehab center in newport beach caAccording to the National Household Survey on Drug Abuse, men suffer two times greater likelihood of drug addiction as compared to their female counterparts. Men use certain drugs in greater numbers than women, too. More men tend to use marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and hallucinogenic drugs.

Men often feel reluctant to seek treatment when they need it. In their role in society, they feel burdened to appear “in control” even when they suffer the damages of addiction. This makes them distrustful of the drug treatment process and anxious about appearing weak in needing help. Many men wait far too long before getting the help they need, believing they can overcome their problem on their own.

Men also worry about how rehab will affect their relationships, careers, and financial issues. As historical providers in their families, many men do not feel they can stop working or take time away from the family to get help. If you love a man who suffers addiction, the best thing for that man is for you to support him in his decision to enter rehab.

So where do you turn for help when you want a better life? A mens drug rehab center in Newport Beach CA provides the specialized and attentive treatment you need, for hope now while building your brighter future. That rehab is Ocean Recovery.

Ocean Recovery’s Mens Drug Rehab Center

Both genders suffer the negative effects of drug or alcohol addiction. Although men and women share common ground in this way, some nuances of treatment help men in particular.

At Ocean Recovery’s mens drug rehab center in Newport Beach CA, your treatment takes place among male peers who understand your journey firsthand. In the absence of women in your residential treatment household and therapies, you feel freer in talking about your problems, emotions, and fears. If you suffered trauma in the past, you gain healing at a deeper level because you feel free to speak your truths.

Also, without females present, you don’t worry about societal expectations for men. You find yourself able to focus more on your treatment and less on social pressures.

At Ocean Recovery mens drug rehab center in Newport Beach CA, your individualized treatment plan addresses your unique needs. We use methods that work well for men to address the problem comprehensively.

Your peers in recovery play a major role in your daily focus, support, and accountability. You learn from your peers’ experiences and get to know their mistakes, so you do not suffer experiencing those yourself. You and other men lean on each other for support and bond easier in the absence of women.

Newport Beach CA Therapies Work for Men Seeking Recovery

Men from all over the United States turn to sunny Newport Beach, CA for drug addiction treatment. In Newport Beach, you regain your confidence and strength through better health and hope for your future. This male-centered recovery starts with individualized treatment planning and extends throughout your rehab experience.

Programs that make up addiction treatment at Ocean Recovery include:

Gender separation in rehab provides benefits. At a mens drug rehab center, you find these benefits through focus and comfort in your program. To learn more about extended care and inpatient drug rehab programs for men, call Ocean Recovery at 800-641-2388.