Alcoholism is a disease that is destroying millions of lives all throughout the United States. Although there is a massive drug epidemic in our country, many people don’t realize how many suffer from alcoholism. Alcoholism is a cunning disease because the substance is legal and drinking is a cultural norm. However, it’s also addictive. If you feel that alcohol has taken control of your life, you should strongly consider a mens alcohol rehab center.

Who Needs a Mens Alcohol Rehab Center

A man holds his face in his hands during therapy at a mens alcohol rehab center in newport beach caMost of the people suffering from alcoholism will never get the help that they need because they refuse to see the problem. One of the issues is that addiction is a disease that affects the brain in a way that actually makes you not want to recover. As a result, many people with alcoholism are in denial about the fact that they’ve lost control. A common misconception is that if you have an addiction to alcohol, it means that you’ve lost everything.

The reality is that alcoholism isn’t about the job, money, family, or friends that you do or don’t have. Addiction only has two primary symptoms, which are a mental obsession and physical craving when it comes to alcohol. To get help from a mens alcohol rehab center, you first need to acknowledge that there is a problem. Some of the signs that you need to look for to recognize alcoholism are as follows:

  • Do you find it difficult to stop drinking once you start?
  • Do friends or family comment on how much you’re drinking?
  • Have you had personal or professional issues arise do to your drinking?
  • Do you experience symptoms of withdrawal when you’re not drinking?

Detox at a Mens Alcohol Rehab Center in Newport Beach CA

If you understand that you have a problem and need help, you need to first go to a mens alcohol rehab center for detox. Alcohol is one of the most dangerous substances out there that you can detox from, so it requires medical attention. When you try to go through detox on your own, there’s an extremely high chance of relapse. The symptoms of alcoholism can be painful as well as disorienting, so many turn back to drinking to make them stop.

On top of the symptoms being uncomfortable, you’re also at very high risk of heart failure as well as seizures. Long-term alcoholism damages the heart, and going through withdrawal makes the heart work much harder. During this time, the neurotransmitters in your brain are misfiring as well, which is why some people have seizures while detoxing. At a detox center that a mens alcohol rehab center in Newport Beach CA recommends, you’ll have the medical attention you need.

Learning to Stay Sober at a Mens Alcohol Rehab Center

After detox, it’s critical that you transition to a rehabilitation facility. Many people make the mistake of going through the detox process and thinking that’s all they need to do to stay sober. The reality is that alcohol is only a symptom of the problem when it comes to the disease of addiction. Inpatient alcohol rehab is going to help you get down to the causes of your alcoholism so you can stay sober.

Working one-on-one with a therapist is going to offer you a safe place to discuss your past as well as present struggles. Many situations going on in your life and how you react to situations are the reason you drink, but a therapist can help. Through group therapy programs in treatment, you’ll begin to receive peer support from others trying to stay sober. The bonds and relationships you build with others in treatment can help you stay sober for years to come.

Ocean Recovery is a mens alcohol rehab center in Newport Beach CA, and we want to help. We work closely with local detox centers so you can go through a safe, comfortable detox before coming to treatment. Our primary goal is to provide you with the addiction treatment you need to stay sober once you leave the program. Some of the methods we use to help people remain sober include:

Learn more about how our mens alcohol rehab center can help you by calling Ocean Recovery today at 800-641-2388.