If you’re battling an addiction or eating disorder, you might have tried a rehab program in the past. If you suffered a relapse, you’re not alone. Substance abuse can change the way that your brain works, making it extremely challenging managing stress and cravings. Long term addiction treatment centers can support their clients for several months to more than a year to help them from the moment that they enroll until they transition back into their regular lives.

Long Term Addiction Treatment Centers Overview

long term addiction treatment | Ocean RecoveryAddiction doesn’t stop when you quit using drugs. For many people, the disorder is chronic. Individuals may need emotional and psychological support throughout their lives. Long term addiction treatment centers can set a strong foundation for ongoing recovery. They can also provide support as you transition back to your daily routines.

Short-term rehab programs may last for one week to a month. Long-term rehab programs may last for at least 120 days. They can extend to one year or more. Some treatment centers offer long-term residential treatment as well as sober living facilities. Having access to support while living in a home with other people in your situation can help you make the transition to your work, social and family life.

Long-Term Rehab vs. Short-Term Rehab

Short-term rehab is enough for some people to learn life skills and stress-management techniques to avoid using drugs. During this time, individuals can shift their mindset and get support that will stick with them through the next stage in their lives.

However, many people need more than a brief stint in rehab to prevent relapse. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, staying in treatment for a sufficient period is vital for a successful recovery. The ideal length of time is different for everyone.

What may be more important is the treatment center’s ability to engage clients so that they complete their treatment. If they discharge themselves early, they may not be ready to manage their daily lives without going back to using drugs. Working closely with addiction treatment specialists at the center can help you determine the ideal length of time for your treatment.

People who have relapsed after attending rehab or struggle with strong cravings and emotional distress after leaving treatment may be prime candidates for long term addiction treatment centers. A major part of the path to recovery involves reconnecting with yourself and shifting your mindset to a place where you find fulfillment outside of your addiction. This doesn’t happen overnight. Making sure that you set a solid foundation for sobriety can help you feel more confident as you begin the journey that is the rest of your life.

Residential Rehab Treatment Approaches

Every treatment center has a different approach to healing, and experts agree that having access to various methodologies can predict success for most patients. At Ocean Recovery, we offer several evidence-based strategies to heal your body, mind and soul.

Because we have a focused staff-to-client ratio, we’re able to tailor our programs to fit your needs. We can also identify the possibility of relapsing before it happens. This might not be possible if you were living at home and attending a rehab center for periodic treatment.

Ocean Recovery’s upscale environment is inviting. We make you feel like this is where you want to be. Our programs and activities include:

We understand that drug and alcohol use are often an underlying symptom of another problem. Call us at (855) 271-6289 so that we can help you get to the root of your addiction disorder and set you free.