Anyone struggling with an alcohol addiction should seek out some form of addiction treatment. However, not all treatment programs require the same level of commitment. Often, clients can benefit most from retaining as much of their schedule and routine as possible. Find out how intensive outpatient alcohol treatment at Ocean Recovery can help clients embrace sobriety.

Residential or Outpatient?

A man talks to a counselor in intensive outpatient alcohol treatmentNo two clients in need of alcohol addiction treatment are the same. Therefore, not every client will necessarily need the 24/7 atmosphere of residential treatment. Some clients can thrive in an outpatient program.

For other clients, their addiction reaches a point where sobriety feels overwhelming. If this is the case, or if a person’s health is at risk, then having constant medical supervision might be necessary. For those who are not at this point, however, residential treatment might be excessive. Outpatient programs can achieve the same goals without the intensive nature of residential care.

The Advantages of Sticking to a Routine

An intensive outpatient alcohol treatment program typically offers treatment sessions a few times each week. Often, each session will last for a few hours. The schedule can vary, but it is important to note that even intensive outpatient programs are not full time. They also don’t include accommodation, and they may not include meals or regular social activities.

What intensive outpatient programs can provide, however, is a way for clients to stick to their regular schedules. There is no question that routine can be important on the road to recovery. Many clients, however, mistakenly assume that means a routine within residential treatment.

After rehab ends, most clients will head back to their independent lives. They might work several days each week, or they might go back to school to earn a degree. They might move in with their parents, or they might have their own children to care for. These lifestyles are what most clients are eager to get back to, and outpatient care allows that happen sooner.

Combining Two Support Systems

No one should have to overcome alcoholism on their own. Having a support system around you can make all the difference, and it is incredibly beneficial to clients. Having family and loved ones who want to help is wonderful, but professional support is also valuable. With an intensive outpatient alcohol treatment program, clients can have the best of both worlds.

Several times each week, clients in intensive outpatient care will meet with therapists and counselors. In addition, they will be able to participate in group therapy. Peer and professional support ensures that no client ever feels isolated or alone.

Out of treatment, clients can still receive care and support from friends, colleagues, and loved ones. Family members can provide ongoing accountability and encourage their loved ones to stay on track.

Clients Still Receive Comprehensive Care

Intensive outpatient alcohol treatment and residential treatment are two different programs. Nonetheless, they both offer the same types of therapy. Outpatient programs simply mean that clients will spend fewer hours each week in treatment. When they are in treatment, clients will still receive comprehensive care.

Alcohol addiction treatment can address physical health, but it also goes further. Treatment might explore underlying issues and give clients the strength to make behavioral changes. It can resolve trauma, and it can help clients develop coping mechanisms for the future. This holistic approach combines evidence-based treatment and alternative methods, and it ensures that every client gets the targeted care they need.

Intensive Outpatient Alcohol Treatment at Ocean Recovery

If you’re looking for an intensive outpatient program California offers, then Ocean Recovery is undoubtedly a solid choice. Since clients have access to the full continuum of care, there are treatment options that run from residential care to sober living facilities. Intensive outpatient programs can help clients fight back against alcohol addiction and live stronger, healthier, and happier lives. To achieve those goals, all of the following therapies and treatment methods are available to clients:

Intensive outpatient alcohol treatment is the right fit for many clients who struggle with alcohol abuse. Ocean Recovery in Newport Beach, California, can pave the way toward sobriety. When you’re ready to make a change that truly lasts, call 800-641-2388.