Drinking alcohol is a widely accepted part of our culture it can be hard to recognize the signs of alcohol abuse. The stereotype of the bumbling drunk is amusing to many, but alcohol use disorder affects over 15 million adults. People can suffer from alcohol-related issues ranging from abuse to alcoholism. If you’ve tried to break your problematic drinking habit, inpatient alcohol rehab could be the answer you need.

Do You Need Rehab for Your Drinking?

Inpatient Alcohol Rehab | Ocean RecoveryYou might see signs of a serious drinking problem in a loved one well before he does. That’s not surprising. Many people with drug and alcohol dependency are deep in denial about how their use affects themselves and others.

Are you concerned your drinking has gotten out of control? People who are dependent on alcohol can’t control how much they drink. Once they start, they find it nearly impossible to stop.

You might decide before a party that you’ll just have two drinks. After your second, you keep drinking, despite knowing you have to drive. You might continue drinking even though your partner has expressed concerns about it. Maybe you frequently wake up with hangovers and you vow to curb your drinking. But once you take your next drink, the cycle starts right up again.

If you’re having work and relationship problems related to alcohol abuse, it’s possible that your drinking is a problem. Attending an inpatient alcohol rehab can help get you back on track before it’s too late.

6 Advantages of Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Centers

The duration of an inpatient alcohol rehab program can last anywhere from 30 days to several months. Furthermore, treatment centers will devise an optimal plan just for you.

  1. For example, at Ocean Recovery in Newport Beach, California, our residential and inpatient rehab programs include:
    Drug-free environment: In this secure setting, you won’t have to worry about drinking, no matter how much you crave it. Rehab facilities are drug- and alcohol-free zones.
  2. Comfortable surroundings: You can choose a treatment center that suits your needs best. It may be more of a resort-type environment, or you might prefer one that’s secluded and far away from it all.
  3. Distance from toxic influences: One of the biggest advantages to an inpatient rehab stay is the ability to get away from a negative environment. You won’t see toxic people who don’t want you to recover. You’ll be away from the places and situations that you associate with your addiction.
  4. Constant staff presence: In an inpatient setting, you’ll have access to trained and skilled professionals whose mission is to help you achieve sobriety. It can be encouraging to know that you’re among people who have your best interests at heart.
  5. Healthy menu options: Many rehab facilities provide nutritious meal plans for clients. By eating healthy foods, you give your body the nutrients it needs for a strong recovery.
  6. Insufficient distractions: When you’re in residential treatment, you don’t have to worry about your workday or school. You’ll focus completely on healing.

Making the decision to begin alcohol addiction treatment is a wonderful way to create a better future for yourself.

A Reliable Inpatient Rehab in California

Our treatment center offers clients the chance at a fresh start. You’ll stay at our upscale location right on Newport Beach, California.

We believe that drug and alcohol abuse is more of a symptom instead of the real issue. By partnering with our compassionate, trained staff, you’ll get to the root of your dependency. Group and individual counseling will help you explore what you can do to break free.

Some programs we offer include:

No matter where you are in your dependency, this doesn’t have to be your life. You can make a change. Contact us at (855) 271-6289 to discover how good a drug-free future can be.