Eating disorders are a problem for both men and women around the world. However, they’re a more common problem for women. With the media and general society placing such an emphasis on looks, it’s hard to take control of these disorders. Below is more information about womens eating disorder treatment.

What Are Eating Disorders?

A woman listens to her therapist as part of her womens eating disorder treatment in newport beach caSome people mistakenly think that eating disorders are a lifestyle choice. In truth, they’re a type of psychological disorder. Like addiction and other mental disorders, they take control of people and rob them of free will. They’re persistent eating habits that negatively impact people’s health.

Keep in mind that eating disorders include a wide range of conditions. They involve people who overeat, eat too little, or too much of a specific food. In general, people with these types of disorders focus too much on their body shape, weight, or specific foods.

Why Is It Important to Seek Womens Eating Disorder Treatment?

The main reason to seek help is that eating disorders do incredible harm to the body. People with eating disorders suffer from problems such as:

  • Digestive system issues
  • Heart complications
  • Bone problems
  • Teeth and mouth issues
  • Lack of proper nutrition

Also much like addiction, eating disorders are rarely problems that they can overcome themselves. Underlying issues typically lead to their development. Womens eating disorder treatment in Newport Beach CA can help people overcome these issues. Failure to deal with them can result in relapse after treatment.

Treatment for Eating Disorders

When people look for womens eating disorder treatment, they need to keep a few key factors in mind. The first stage of any program is stabilization. This process is important because it ensures their physical health. Since eating disorders rob people of their health, they can’t focus on treatment until they’re out of danger.

From there, womens eating disorder treatment moves on to therapy. Many services can help women get the upper hand on their disorders. Individual and group therapy are great starting points to learn coping skills. From there, women move on to cognitive behavioral therapy to determine how their negative thoughts cause negative behaviors.

However, womens eating disorder treatment in Newport Beach CA takes it a step further. These programs also offer nutrition education. They teach women not only how to eat healthfully, but also the importance of doing so. Many women with eating disorders don’t know what healthy eating habits look like, so these programs are vital to their recovery.

It’s important for womens eating disorder treatment to offer family therapy as well. In a lot of cases, these disorders are hard for family members to fully understand. Family therapy acts as an education course to teach family members more about eating disorders. Since some conditions stem from problems at home, it gives therapists a chance to observe family interactions.

Ocean Recovery Can Help Women Just Like You Overcome Eating Disorders

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At Ocean Recovery, our mission is to ensure your long-term success. We believe that our customized treatment plans are a key element. From addiction to eating disorders, we offer treatment that fits your needs, including:

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