Selective eating disorder, also known as avoidant-restrictive food intake disorder, can be a complex problem. If you are researching proper selective eating disorder treatment options, you may be worried about someone you love. Co-occurring conditions like these are common among those affected by substance abuse. Fortunately, high-quality treatment centers exist that can treat both issues.

How Do Eating Disorders Relate to Addiction?

A woman nervously ponders a thought in therapy during her selective eating disorder treatment in Newport Beach CAFinding professional selective eating disorder treatment in Newport Beach CA requires a deeper understanding of why co-occurring conditions happen. Interestingly, substance abuse and disordered eating share many risk factors, including family history, low self-esteem, and other mental illnesses like depression and anxiety. In fact, up to 50% of people with eating disorders also struggle with substance abuse. It’s very common for these illnesses to present together. As a result, it’s vital to offer mental health treatment alongside eating disorder and addiction treatment.

Understanding Selective Eating Disorders

To find effective selective eating disorder treatment in Newport Beach CA, you need to understand what this condition is. A selective eating disorder is characterized by extremely picky eating when it comes to food choices. People with a selective eating disorder might not experience the sensations that accompany eating in the same way that others do. Therefore, certain colors, types, or textures of foods may be impossible to consume by these individuals.

A person with a selective eating disorder might have a very short list of foods that are acceptable to him. Therefore, there is a lot of guilt and shame associated with the public aspects of the illness.

Signs of an Eating Disorder

Gaining effective selective eating disorder treatment also requires being aware of clues that a problem is there. Different types of eating disorders come with a variety of symptoms. However, it makes sense to pay careful attention to any of the following clues:

Eating in Private

Since they may have a lot of anxiety surrounding food, you might notice that people with eating disorders prefer to eat alone.

Overthinking Food

Those with an eating disorder might spend an abnormal amount of time thinking about food. Planning meals, grocery shopping, or talking about food may take up most of their time.

Losing Excessive Amounts of Weight

People with eating disorders might lose a lot of weight. Some will also experience frequent changes in their weight that are very concerning to others.

Experiencing Anxiety or Depression

Eating disorders can lead to extreme depression and anxiety. This can cause people to start drawing away from others. A loss of interest in favorite hobbies is also very common.

Common Selective Eating Disorder Treatment Techniques

A proper selective eating disorder treatment plan will include a lot of different elements to give the best results. More than likely, your treatment plan will begin with intensive forms of personal and family counseling. Psychotherapy can be a very helpful tool for making serious changes to negative thought and behavior patterns that influence disordered eating habits.

Other treatment elements can include medication, behavioral modification, support groups, and other forms of therapy. Treatment must address the eating disorder and the substance abuse problem in order to give lasting results.

Helping Someone You Love Make the Best Treatment Choices

It is tough to watch someone you care about suffer from the effects of addictive behaviors and disordered eating. However, you should take comfort in knowing that professional selective eating disorder treatment in Newport Beach CA is available. As you and your family look for the right treatment center, try to continue to be there for your loved one. Your ongoing emotional support will make him feel less lonely in his struggles with addiction.

Gaining appropriate selective eating disorder treatment should not be an overwhelming process. Ocean Recovery is a skilled rehabilitation center in Newport Beach, California. This facility provides continual access to an array of treatment programs designed to provide immediate relief from addictions of all types. Additionally, the caring staff and serene setting give you the ability to focus entirely on getting better.

Don’t remain stuck in a self-defeating pattern of substance abuse and addiction. You can overcome addiction and disordered eating habits by getting professional treatment right away. Call 800-641-2388 to find out how the skilled treatment staff at Ocean Recovery can help you gain mastery over these issues.