If you’re looking for mens eating disorder treatment options, you likely have a loved one affected by a dual diagnosis. Why do eating disorders and substance abuse problems sometimes happen in the same person? How can you recognize the signs of an eating disorder? Finally, what all goes into treating an eating disorder?

Why Do Eating Disorders and Substance Abuse Co-Occur?

A man looks distraught during therapy as a part of his mens eating disorder treatment in newport beach caTo find mens eating disorder treatment in Newport Beach CA, you need to understand why eating disorders can occur in those with an addiction. The brain is wired to try and minimize stress and anxiety. To achieve this goal, many attempt to self-medicate with drugs and alcohol. This can eventually lead to a dependence on the substance of choice.

In the same way, people can also use food or eating habits to try and control their stress. However, using these types of coping mechanisms repeatedly can set some people up to experience bothersome eating disorders. Those who already struggle with a dependency on addictive substances may be at an increased risk for getting an eating disorder. In these cases, finding adequate mens eating disorder treatment is essential to recovery.

Possible Signs of an Eating Disorder

If you’re searching for mens eating disorder treatment in Newport Beach CA, you may have already noticed signs of a problem in a loved one. However, some clues can be very subtle. Getting proper mens eating disorder treatment always involves paying attention to the following signs of trouble:

Eating Food in Private

Your loved one will not want you to worry about his condition. Therefore, he might start to eat his food in private locations.

Preoccupation with Food

People with eating disorders may spend an enormous amount of time eating, thinking about, or preparing food.

Unstable Weight or Extreme Weight Loss

Experiencing extreme weight loss is a primary sign of an eating disorder. Some people also lose weight and regain it many times.

Engaging in Frequent or Intense Exercise

High-intensity exercise that occurs for extended periods of time might also be a clue that an eating disorder exists.

Common Mens Eating Disorder Treatment Options

Treatment options for eating disorders can include a lot of helpful elements. Many programs focus on in-depth counseling. This can also be a great setting for the implementation of cognitive behavioral therapy to change destructive beliefs and actions.

Treatment for eating disorders also includes nutrition counseling. Establishing a healthy relationship with food and nutrition is often vital to recovery. Of course, your precise treatment plan will be customized to fit your specific needs.

Helping an Important Person in Your Life

If you have already started looking for mens eating disorder treatment in Newport Beach CA, you’re on the right path toward getting necessary help for your loved one. Choosing a proper treatment center is the most important thing you can do to restore peace to your home. Try to be understanding of the difficulties your family member is facing. Your love and understanding can go a long way toward helping him find the courage to get professional help.

Discovering the Right Treatment Center for You

Many types of mens eating disorder treatment options may exist in your area. Ocean Recovery is a high-quality rehab center located in Newport Beach, CA. This skilled facility has a great deal of experience in treating those with a complex dual diagnosis. In-depth treatment options like bulimia treatment offered in a peaceful location can allow you to direct your energy toward healing these serious issues.

You don’t need to allow an eating disorder or drug addiction to determine your future success. A proper rehab center can give you the programs you need to correct these issues. Call Ocean Recovery at 800-641-2388 to discover how our professional rehab team can get you started on the road to a full recovery.