Many people suffer eating disorders. These mental health conditions cause more than just problems with food. They present a cycle of an unhealthy relationship with control, as well as feelings of hopelessness driving you deeper into your illness. In bulimia treatment at Ocean Recovery, you overcome your shame, guilt, and the mental illness that is your eating disorder.

Anorexia and Bulimia Treatment

Eating disordersA woman in a striped shirt rests her face in her hands as she realizes she needs bulimia treatment usually develop in teen years or early adulthood, but they can occur anytime in your life. More women suffer eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia, as compared to men. But statistics of males with eating disorders continue to rise.

The three primary types of eating disorders include anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating. Anorexia involves starving yourself due to false beliefs about your body.

Bulimia involves “getting rid of” your food after eating it. This most typically means vomiting or taking laxatives after eating. It also includes using enemas or abusing diuretics. Some people with bulimia obsessively exercise, too.

In binge eating, you eat far more than you need to during binging episodes. You feel powerless and distressed from the eating. Most people suffering this disorder binge weekly or more. They also hide the behavior from people around them.

What Is Bulimia Treatment?

Bulimia treatment teaches you about your disorder and how to deal with it as part of a healthier, happier lifestyle. Whether you suffer bulimia alone or with addiction to drugs or alcohol, you need this help to end the destructive cycle. Treatment at Ocean Recovery helps you find freedom from these conditions, giving you real hope for a better future.

A dual diagnosis of bulimia and addiction requires multiple stages of treatment. These three stages include stabilization, therapy, and nutrition education.


Stabilization includes working with your addiction and bulimia treatment team for better physical health. This healthcare sometimes includes medication. Many people with bulimia also experience depression and anxiety, along with physical health problems. Sometimes antidepressants prove very helpful for stabilizing your condition.


During bulimia treatment, you gain a variety of therapies to overcome your co-occurring conditions. These therapies include individual counseling, group therapy, and family therapy. In these sessions, you learn why your eating disorder and addiction started. You also learn coping skills to help you overcome triggers and temptations that drive you back into unhealthy habits.

In therapy, you gain stable eating practices. Your weight improves as you also stay clean of drugs or alcohol. Focus includes turning unhealthy habits into healthy ones, as well as gaining coping and stress management skills. Your mood and relationships also start showing improvement.

Nutrition Education

Nutrition counseling plays a major role in healing your eating disorder. You work with a nutritionist who helps you understand your food and dietary choices. This includes learning how your choices affect your body. Your health improves through proper nutrition and good eating habits.

Gaining a Healthier Life at Ocean Recovery in California

In beautiful Newport Beach, California, people struggling with addiction and eating disorders just like yours gain the help they need for a better future. This treatment takes place at Ocean Recovery. In Newport Beach, you’ll gain an individualized treatment plan suited to your unique needs.

Eating disorder and addiction treatment programs of Ocean Recovery include:

Your addiction and eating disorder treatment takes place at Ocean Recovery’s beautiful Newport Beach rehabilitation center. You also gain a variety of therapies and treatment methods designed for lasting recovery. These methods include art therapy, psychodrama, cognitive behavioral therapy, and a wide range of activities for a healthy outlook.

Get the addiction and bulimia treatment you need before these conditions completely ruin your life. Call Ocean Recovery today at 800-641-2388 for greater health and stability. With this help, you can have the life you want.