Woman on floor hugging knees at anorexia treatment.Overcoming an eating disorder takes a lot of courage, and it also requires professional support. Fighting back against anorexia is a challenge, but it becomes a lot easier when you have the right help and encouragement along the way. Anorexia treatment is a combination of medical care, emotional support, and psychological treatment. Explore what this treatment consists of and how Ocean Recovery can help you achieve your goals.

Medical Supervision and Care

While eating disorders like anorexia are considered mainly to be a mental health concern, there are still visible physical issues as well. Men and women who are in eating disorder treatment need medical supervision and attention for a whole range of reasons.

Weeks, months or years of disordered eating can lead to severe health problems. Some clients might need to regain weight for health, and others may be struggling with deficiencies or malnutrition. The only way to scientifically assess and address these concerns is with medical care.

As a mental health disorder, anorexia can’t be cured by providing clients with access to food. Instead, medical professionals may need to explain caloric intake in a variety of specific ways. Experts can determine how much food is necessary for survival and when to intervene. In short, medical supervision is how anorexia treatment becomes a safe route for those who need help.

Addressing the Underlying Issues

A key element of anorexia treatment is accepting that eating disorders are often a symptom of a bigger problem. While eating disorders can exist on their own, they are often related to a primary mental health issue. Many clients who struggle with anorexia also struggle with addiction, anxiety or depression, among many other potential problems.

To effectively fight back against an eating disorder, clients need to address the underlying issues. Sometimes, the underlying problem could be a history of trauma. Sadly, many people who experience eating disorders also have a history of abuse, have witnessed a violent crime or have PTSD. Trauma therapy can be the key to overcoming anorexia.

Many clients who struggle with anorexia have trouble managing stress. Since everyone encounters stress in life, it’s important to know how to handle that pressure healthily. Having coping mechanisms for stress means that clients can stay on track and not give in to relapse. Some common ways to manage stress include meditation, physical exercise, individual therapy, and hobbies like drawing or music.

Finding Joy and Meaning in Life

While every client is unique, many people who suffer from anorexia make food, and their eating disorder, the primary focus on life. If you’re focused on that, then you won’t find joy in other areas. A crucial part of anorexia treatment is showing clients how to find happiness and meaning in their lives every single day.

Shared accommodation and common areas are one way to remind clients of the joy of friendship. Connecting with others who understand the same struggles can be incredibly comforting.

At Ocean Recovery, clients will also be able to participate in recreational activities. That could be something small like a group yoga class, or it might be a big outing to the beach or a local sporting event. These excursions remind clients that life is still fun and that happiness is not tied to food, weight, control or perfection.

Anorexia Treatment at Ocean Recovery

At Ocean Recovery, a wide range of anorexia treatment programs are available. They suit the individual needs of each client as well as any co-occurring disorders. Fighting back against anorexia may require a wide range of methods. Some of the most effective strategies and therapies are as follows:

Anorexia treatment comes in many formats, but a comprehensive approach that addresses underlying issues is often the best route to recovery. At Ocean Recovery in Newport Beach, California, you can find professional support for better health. Contact us at 800-641-2388 to learn more and to overcome eating disorders once and for all.