If ever there was a good time to need depression treatment and alcohol rehab, that time is now. Medical and addiction treatment professionals understand these conditions better than ever before. Alcohol addiction is no longer seen as a personal flaw but as a brain disease. At the same time, we better understand the connection between co-occurring conditions like these.

How Do Depression and Alcohol Addiction Go Together?

A sad looking man hugs a pillow thinking about how he may need depression treatmentAlcohol is a readily available drug. Many people do not realize its true danger because it is legal. But many people self-medicate their depression by drinking alcohol. They turn to wine, beer, or liquor to help them feel more upbeat, sleep better, or relieve anxiety.

At first, this self-medication works. But soon, you find yourself needing more and more alcohol to just numb your negative feelings. This is the trap of alcohol tolerance, and it can quickly lead to addiction.

Alcohol is a depressant. This means that people with depression suffer worse symptoms from drinking too much than they do sober. Alcohol also slows your body and mental functioning. At first, you may feel better from drinking, but that soon changes as you drink more.

Dangerous Symptoms of Depression and Alcohol Dependence

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) lists four major symptoms of alcohol dependence. These symptoms include:

  • Cravings for alcohol
  • Inability to stop drinking on your own
  • Withdrawal feelings when you try to stop
  • Tolerance for alcohol

People who drink too much experience common symptoms of depression. These include intense sadness and hopelessness. They also include disrupted sleep patterns, poor appetite, irritability, feelings of worthlessness, guilt, and lost interest in daily activities you once enjoyed.

Many people with depression who drink too much even think about suicide. In fact, according to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, about 75% of all suicides link to drinking alcohol with depression. Alcohol takes away your ability to see positive aspects of your life. Drinking drives you deeper into depression and towards suicide.

Because alcohol depresses your body and mind, drinking with depression creates a dangerous, never-ending cycle. This cycle includes feeling depressed so you drink, as well as drinking that causes depression. Without treatment for both of these conditions, neither your alcoholism nor your depression will heal.

Depression Treatment and Alcohol Rehab

For your co-occurring disorders of mental illness and addiction, you need specialized help. This help breaks the cycle of your two conditions feeding each other. Through depression treatment and alcohol rehab, you can regain a happier life. That second chance starts with a dual diagnosis treatment program.

Your depression treatment and alcohol rehab take work. It is not an easy fix. But then again, drinking alcohol did not easily fix your depression, either. Through the right therapies, medication, and support, you can rebuild a healthier future.

If you need both depression treatment and alcohol rehab, luck is with you. Some of today’s rehabs understand the importance of this dual diagnosis care. You just need to find the program that suits your needs best.

In rehab, you gain the support of your loved ones, peers in recovery and addiction treatment professionals. You will not feel alone there like you do right now in your addiction.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment at Ocean Recovery

Ocean Recovery in Newport Beach, California provides the dual diagnosis depression treatment you need. Programs at Ocean Recovery include:

At Ocean Recovery, you reawaken your spirit and hope for your future. Your addiction ends as you also learn about your depression and how to keep both conditions controlled. Upscale, gender-specific housing provides safe, comfortable living during your time at Newport Beach.

You have lived with alcohol addiction and depression for too long. It is time for the depression treatment you need in a quality, accredited addiction rehab. Call Ocean Recovery now at 800-641-2388 for more information about available programs. Make this simple call to start building the foundation for hope that you need.