At any given time, over 2% of Americans struggle with bipolar disorder. Despite bipolar disorder being a relatively common mental health condition, it still comes with a stigma. Through bipolar disorder treatment at Ocean Recovery, clients can make real progress in the face of mental illness. Explore some of the most effective ways to treat and support clients with bipolar disorder.

A woman looks distraught and needs a bipolar disorder treatment programMedication Management as Needed

Bipolar disorder treatment doesn’t necessarily need to include prescription drugs. However, many clients can benefit from prescription medications that help to stabilize mood. Of course, navigating the use of medications can be tricky, especially if the client has a history of addiction.

It is always best to let psychiatrists manage the use of any mental health medications. They receive training to know which medications can help clients and which might become a stumbling block on the road to recovery.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

For many clients with bipolar disorder, psychotherapy is the most effective form of treatment. Therefore, bipolar disorder treatment should always include some kind of psychotherapy. While there are many excellent options available, one of the most helpful is cognitive behavioral therapy.

Cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, aims to change a negative mindset into a positive one. Often, bipolar disorder manifests itself through negative thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. CBT can work to change those beliefs one by one. This can boost confidence and create a more positive, encouraging outlook on life as a whole.

Cognitive behavioral therapy also identifies the triggers in life that most upset clients. These can range from emotional stressors like family problems all the way to mundane issues like rush hour traffic. In therapy, clients can develop coping mechanisms that help them react and respond to these triggers in the future.

Family-Focused Therapy

A bipolar disorder treatment program doesn’t need to include family. However, enlisting loved ones in the treatment process can be incredibly helpful. No one should have to go through life without love, support, and care. Since family members often want to help, they are a natural fit for a support system.

Including family therapy in a bipolar disorder treatment program shows family members how they can help. It can teach family members about bipolar disorder, and it can give tips on how best to communicate in times of stress. Perhaps most importantly, it can provide clients with the tools they need to relate to their family members and keep those relationships strong.

Creating a Consistent Routine

Bipolar disorder treatment can be residential, and there is no question that a 24/7 environment is an effective treatment option. Even if clients choose to pursue outpatient treatment, it is essential to maintain a routine. Consistent routines are helpful for many clients, especially those who struggle with mental health. For those with bipolar disorder, however, it can be key.

Consistency means that it is easier to anticipate what lies ahead. It also means that there are fewer last-minute surprises or decisions to be made. Since stability is often the goal, a successful bipolar disorder treatment program will often help clients establish routines and healthy habits that can last for months or even years at a time.

Find Healthy Outlets for Stress

The symptoms of bipolar disorder can worsen due to stress. Often, clients diagnosed with bipolar disorder don’t have a healthy outlet for stress. A key part of treatment may include helping clients find healthy ways to relieve their stress on a daily basis. Whether that is finding a love of painting or taking early morning walks, this can be an incredible addition to everyday life.

Can Bipolar Disorder Treatment Also Address Addiction?

Often, clients who struggle with bipolar disorder also struggle with substance abuse. At Ocean Recovery, dual diagnosis programs aim to treat both issues simultaneously. If you’re looking for a bipolar or anxiety treatment program California offers that also addresses addiction, look for all the following therapies:

Bipolar disorder treatment can give clients control over their emotions, their lives, and their health. At Ocean Recovery in Newport Beach, California, you can find inner strength and combat addiction at the same time. Work toward your goals and your health by calling 800-641-2388.