Smiling man happy about using the 12 step program during his recoveryOne of the most successful strategies to overcome addiction is the 12 step program. Widely used around the world, 12 step program offers plenty of benefits on the path to recovery. Get familiar with the 12 steps, explore their many benefits and discover how to supplement this philosophy best in rehab.

The History of the 12 Step Philosophy

In the early 20th century, a group known as Alcoholics Anonymous first began. One of the co-founders of this group wrote a book titled, “The Big Book”. This is where we can trace the origins of the now iconic 12 steps.

Over time, the 12 steps have been modified slightly. However, they are largely the same as they were nearly 80 years ago. That’s because they work for millions of people.

The 12 step philosophy is now used well beyond alcoholism. It is also applied to drug addiction or any other form of destructive and addictive behavior.

The 12 Steps Paraphrased

The 12 steps themselves are, just like you might guess, a series of 12 different steps. Each of these steps should be completed in the right order. There is no timeline for completion, so clients can take as long as they need to each step of the way.

There can be some slight variations or interpretations for each of these 12 steps. However, they are almost universally as follows:

  1. Admit powerlessness over the addiction.
  2. Find hope with a higher power.
  3. Turn life over to that higher being in whatever form it may take for you.
  4. Conduct a moral inventory.
  5. Admit those wrong actions taken in life.
  6. Try to remove defects from your life
  7. Find ways to help resolve personal shortcomings.
  8. List the ways you’ve hurt others.
  9. Make amends for those hurtful actions.
  10. Take an ongoing personal moral inventory.
  11. Practice consistent prayer or meditation.
  12. Assist others in completing the 12 step program

Improving Communication Skills

One of the many benefits of participating in a 12 step program is improved communication skills. It is very common for people struggling with addiction to have a hard time speaking or getting their point across. In a 12 step meeting, everyone can contribute.

When clients have the floor, they are able to speak without interruption. Everyone else will be listening and giving the right attention and concern. This can help many people feel more comfortable making friends, admitting their addiction issues, and speaking in public.

This is true for all demographics, but especially when it comes to a women’s or men’s rehab program. In a controlled, gender-specific group, it may be easier to speak openly and with confidence.

Preparing for the Entire Process of Recovery

Many prospective clients want the recovery process to be as short and sweet as possible. In reality, there is no quick fix or miracle cure for an addiction. The only true remedy is a combination of time, support, and commitment.

The 12 step program encourages that by revealing two things. First, there are many steps that people need to take before they reach recovery. Second, sobriety is an ongoing process. The final steps of the program suggest ongoing meetings, helping others achieve sobriety and continually taking a moral inventory daily.

Judgment-Free Space for all Participants

A huge benefit of 12 step meetings is that they are safe and judgment-free zones. Self-confidence can take a hit as a result of addiction, and it is also common to feel like you’re being judged. The premise of the 12 steps, however, is support. Participants appreciate that they are getting help and feedback from their peers in recovery.

Supplement the 12 Step Program at Ocean Recovery

At Ocean Recovery, we treat the whole person, helping strengthen ongoing freedom from active addiction. Establishing strong bonds with the pillars of the 12 step program fortifies our clients’ continuous transformation and ongoing success.

Some of our addiction treatment programs include:

For decades, the 12 step program has been a successful part of overcoming addiction. At Ocean Recovery in Newport Beach, California, the 12 steps are just one part of the overall treatment plan. Call 800-641-2388 and begin living your life free from addiction.