Psychoeducational groups provide therapeutic help for people suffering addiction or eating disorders, so they learn how to manage their symptoms, behaviors, and results. These group therapies focus on specific topics affecting members of the group. Some group sessions include lectures, videos or other materials. If you suffer addiction or an eating disorder, psychoeducational group therapy can help you gain a healthy recovery.

Benefits of Psychoeducational Groups

Three men participating in one or Ocean Recovery's psychoeducational groupsPsychoeducational groups provide help early in treatment, throughout the rehab experience and even after treatment. These group therapies benefit a variety of people, including those still in some denial about their problems or family members wanting to learn about their loved one’s disorders. Psychoeducational groups are also helpful for people wanting information about available support in their community and those wishing to protect themselves from problems associated with their disorder.

For example, each week these groups will focus on different topics that are related to chemical dependency and mental/physical health issues. They are designed to encourage you to share your stories, relate to others experiences and ask questions.

Psychoeducation for Addiction Recovery

Psychoeducational groups work well in addiction treatment. These groups provide you with tools, skills, and resources you need for relapse prevention. The group sessions improve your self-awareness and identification of growth opportunities They also give you the ability to find community resources, understand addiction and recovery, and confidence in your recovery.

The International Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation reported that psychoeducational groups provide effective treatment for people with co-occurring conditions, as well. Consequently, if you suffer a dual diagnosis of addiction and a mental illness or eating disorder, your group sessions will benefit your recovery.

Surprisingly, psychoeducational groups start working well even before you admit your problem or want to change. In these cases, your group sessions focus on subjects like the dangerous effects of drugs or eating disorders on your body, mind, and behaviors. As a result, as you learn more about the negative impact of your substance abuse or an eating disorder, you progress out of denial.

Psychoeducational Groups for Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are severe to treat. It takes some time for people to learn how to rebuild a healthy relationship with food. An eating disorder affects all areas of your life, and your psychoeducation reaches those life areas and the effects of your disorder.

Through psychoeducational learning, you break through denial of problem eating behaviors. You also commit to treatment and start using what you learn. Finally, you deal with co-occurring conditions while adjusting your focus toward healthy living and away from negative attitudes.

Mental Health Treatment Using Psychoeducation

Psychoeducation also benefits recovery from co-occurring conditions of depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder, anxiety and other mental illnesses. Many people suffer both addiction and mental illness at the same time. Whether you need opioid addiction treatment or additional substance abuse rehab, psychoeducation helps you rebuild your life by improving both psychological health and addressing the addiction.

In rehab, your individualized treatment plan includes a variety of therapies. For example, these include traditional, alternative and holistic treatments. Generally, a mix of therapies works best for lasting recovery. In fact, what works best for you may not work best for a peer in recovery.

Therapies for a well-rounded rehab program include:

Only a high-quality licensed and accredited rehab center provides these therapies.

Newport Beach Addiction Treatment Done Right

Ocean Recovery delivers a deep understanding of what makes an addiction treatment program perform and how to perfect the road to lasting recovery.

To this end, our Newport Beach recovery center includes safe addiction therapies and psychoeducational groups for your most reliable recovery from addiction, mental illness or eating disorders. Your individualized treatment plan consists of a mix of therapies, support, and education.

Some of the long list of our recovery programs include:

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