Smiling woman after nutrition counseling at rehab.You might be surprised to see the different components that go into substance abuse treatment. Maybe you thought it was all talk therapy. For some rehab facilities, like Ocean Recovery, nothing could be further from the truth. To truly heal from addiction, you must take care of all parts of yourself. This includes your body as well as your mind. Holistic treatments and art therapy are becoming more common in rehab programs. Nutrition counseling may also be part of your treatment, whether or not you’re dealing with an eating disorder.

Why Is Nutrition Counseling Needed?

For someone who’s struggling with anorexia or bulimia, abusing drugs or alcohol makes the eating disorder more complicated. It’s not enough for a rehab facility to treat one or the other—both problems must be addressed.

The right eating disorder treatment program takes underlying issues into account. Many women have an unhealthy relationship with food due to past trauma. Sometimes, women bury painful feelings of past sexual abuse by severely controlling their diet.

Men aren’t immune to the pressures of looking perfect all the time, either. While eating disorders tend to affect a higher percentage of women, more men are struggling with food issues as well.

Trained counselors in the areas of eating disorders as they relate to substance abuse can help both men and women. These therapists are uniquely qualified to treat these issues together so that anyone who views food as the enemy can overcome this harmful attitude while also addressing the addiction.

When you attend a rehab program, following a healthy eating plan can provide the necessary nutrients that help you focus and take an active role in treatment. By being fully engaged in your rehab, you increase your chances of a successful recovery.

Healthy Inside and Out

When people struggle with drug and alcohol dependency, they often neglect their bodies. Some substances suppress the appetite, causing a person to lose weight in an unhealthy way. Others cause an increased appetite, leading to weight gain.

Nutrition counseling isn’t only for people dealing with eating disorders. It’s helpful for anyone who needs to understand that complete wellness involves a strong, healthy body and spirit. Eating nutritious foods gives you the fuel and energy you need to stay well and sober.

When you eat good foods, you feel good. Once you appreciate your healthy body, you’ll be more inclined to maintain it. This includes avoiding harmful, addictive substances. Instead of punishing yourself by not eating and abusing drugs or alcohol, you’ll be motivated to take great care of yourself.

As you learn the importance of following a nutrient-rich meal plan, you might want to further your healthy efforts with regular physical activity. All of this can help ward off negative emotions and depression. Being unable to deal with stress and bad feelings could have contributed to your drug and alcohol abuse.

When you experience the natural “high” you get from routine exercise, you’ll realize you don’t need addictive substances. Before, you were stuck in a vicious cycle of feeling depressed and using to make yourself feel better. Now, you can engage in a healthy cycle where feeling good leads to treating yourself well.

Choose Ocean Recovery for Health and Healing

When you’re ready to get well, we’re ready to help. Ocean Recovery is a treatment center for substance addiction and eating disorders. We’re located right on scenic Newport Beach in California.

The treatment programs we offer include:

We provide men’s and women’s rehab programs that are tailored to meet each gender’s specific needs.

Our caring team of professionals understands that men and women often turn to drug or alcohol abuse for different reasons. In separate treatment programs, we give our clients the opportunity to explore their underlying issues in a comfortable, safe environment. Then, they develop a skill set that can lead to long-term sobriety out in the world.

Isn’t it time to heal your body, mind, and spirit? You can overcome dependency on drugs or alcohol with our help. Call us at 800-641-2388 today, and we’ll help you lay a strong foundation for hope and recovery.