Smiling bearded man in group therapy.Although you go into rehab on your own, you should never feel alone. Part of your experience will be attending regular counseling sessions. Some of these will be individual meetings, while others will be group therapy. Both types of counseling are very beneficial for the recovery process.

Benefits of Group Therapy

At first, you might feel awkward discussing your drug or alcohol dependency in front of other people. But who will understand you better than people going through similar struggles? Group therapy offers a unique set of benefits separate from the ones you get in individual counseling.

What types of benefits can you expect from group therapy sessions?

  • Support and companionship – Sometimes, people feel very much alone, so they turn to drugs and alcohol to feel better. In a rehab group setting, you’ll have the support of others going through the same struggles you are. You’ll realize you’re not alone. Other people care about you and want to see you get well. Just knowing you have the support of these peers can be a great motivator for you.
  • Added insight – It can be hard to see yourself as others see you. When you take part in group counseling, other people can give you valuable insight into who you are. You might have a negative view of yourself that’s nothing like the real you. Gaining insight into the type of person you really are will help you with self-honesty and making positive changes.
  • Role play – You probably want to get honest with your loved ones, but it’s been hard to do so. Taking part in role-play with your peer group can give you the insight and courage you need to have these difficult conversations. You can practice apologizing for your mistakes as well as forgiving others.
  • Non-judgmental atmosphere – You made some bad decisions when you used. Being able to talk about your past actions without feeling judged by your peers can be freeing. When you know you can talk about these things in a non-judgmental setting, you’ll be more willing and open to discuss difficult subjects. The more open you are, the higher your chances for a full recovery.

Get the Most Out of It

Just because you’re in a group setting doesn’t mean you’ll instantly gain a bunch of benefits. You can increase your chances of having a truly rewarding experience by being as honest and open as possible. Your peers will be able to see your authenticity and desire for wellness.

You should also be a supportive group member. It’s not easy talking about some of the more difficult aspects of substance abuse. Some people feel very ashamed of their past actions. By being fully accepting of others–just the same way you will be accepted–you can help foster a great sense of connection and community.

Group therapy is a give-and-take process. Be prepared to participate by sharing your experiences and listening to others.

Make a Fresh Start With Us

If you or a loved one is seeking treatment for drug and alcohol dependency, Ocean Recovery is here to help. We’re a treatment facility that specializes in substance addictions and eating disorders. Located right on Newport Beach, our center provides a beautiful backdrop for clients looking to begin recovery from addiction.

We maintain a small environment in order to give each of our clients the focused, personalized care they deserve. Our top priority is helping you build a foundation for long-term sobriety. We want you to find hope with us, so we provide a well-rounded treatment plan for men and women.

Some of the activities and treatment programs we offer include:

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