Treating addiction is not a one-size-fits-all process. Instead, it’s made up of several treatments and therapies. This comprehensive approach means that clients will be able to address the physical, emotional, and behavioral aspects of recovery. Explore some of the most effective addiction therapy services available at Ocean Recovery.

Group Therapy

Three woman in rehab experiencing addiction therapy services.Many one-on-one therapies can make a difference during addiction treatment. While these strategies are excellent, group counseling can also be a big part of the recovery process. Addiction can be isolating, and many clients feel like others don’t understand them. However, being part of a large group reveals that many people are going through the same situation.

In group therapy, communication is open and honest. Clients can share their worries and their experiences, and there’s no judgment. Group counseling is also a great way to socialize and get comfortable interacting with others in a sober environment.

Some group counseling sessions may include 12-step groups. The 12-step philosophy is very popular around the world, and it can put clients on the track to lifelong improvement and sobriety. Starting the 12-step program makes it easier to transition to a local support group once rehab is over.

Behavioral Therapy

Addiction therapy services are often most successful if they can address underlying issues. If mental health or stress management are factors that led to substance abuse, then behavioral therapy can help. One of the most common varieties of behavioral therapy is cognitive behavioral therapy.

This form of therapy seeks to change negative behaviors and create a more positive mindset. Instead of having clients think in black and white about themselves, there’s an emphasis on not worrying about perfection. It also focuses on eliminating self-sabotage in recovery, something that is very common but rarely addressed.

Behavioral therapy is also something that focuses on the here and now. It asks clients to think about what they can do today to regulate their emotions and progress on their journey to recovery. It’s a goal-oriented form of therapy that offers clients the opportunity to reshape their thought processes.

Trauma Therapy

As many as half of all people who struggle with substance abuse or eating disorders suffered some trauma in their past. Addressing and resolving this trauma can be critical to full and lasting recovery. Fortunately, there are several varieties of trauma therapy that can make a positive difference.

Individual counseling can resolve past issues of trauma for some clients. Often, clients simply didn’t have a safe place to talk about their trauma. With the help of a counselor or a therapist, they can be honest and vulnerable.

In other instances, the effects of trauma are not obvious to the individual. In fact, some clients may not even remember specific instances of trauma. Clients may need options like EMDR or somatic therapy to addresses these incidents.

Trauma can stem from many different events. It might mean childhood or sexual abuse, or it might mean witnessing violence at a young age. Living through a natural disaster or being in a car accident are also forms of trauma. PTSD is also commonly associated with military action, particularly among those who served overseas.

Holistic Therapies

Evidence-based addiction therapy services are the foundation of long-term recovery. However, many clients also thrive with additional services. Holistic therapies tackle some of the often overlooked elements that can also lead to health and wellness.

Nutrition counseling is a great place to start. This type of counseling helps clients resolve nutritional deficiencies, which are very common among those struggling with substance abuse. It can also teach individuals how to cook and prepare healthy meals. Fitness therapy and meditation therapy are two more holistic therapies with incredible lifestyle benefits.

Addiction Therapy Services at Ocean Recovery

At Ocean Recovery, an upscale environment is just the start of what clients can expect. Additionally, we offer a wide range of therapies and treatment plans customized to the needs of each person. Some of the therapies can include:

  • Trauma therapies
  • Holistic recovery solutions
  • Group counseling
  • Family therapy
  • Individual behavioral therapy

Addiction therapy services are vital to recovery, and a wide range of options is ideal. At Ocean Recovery in Newport Beach, California, you can fight back against addiction. Call 800-641-2388 to begin your journey to health, happiness, and sobriety that can last a lifetime.