If you’re struggling with an addiction, there’s a good chance you have an underlying mental illness as well. Having a mental illness that you’re not treating is one of the main reasons why people turn to drugs and alcohol. To truly recover from your addiction, it’s essential to seek the right kind of help for recovery. You can do this at a mental health treatment center in Orange County CA and begin a new life.

Why a Mental Health Treatment Center in Orange County CA?

A therapist talks to a man at a mental health treatment center in orange county CAThere are a lot of treatment centers in Southern California, but they don’t all treat symptoms of mental illness. It’s crucial to go to a mental health treatment center in Orange County CA so you can stay clean. Those who don’t receive help for their mental illness are at a much higher risk of relapsing soon after. It’s extremely difficult to live a good life without substances if your thoughts and emotions are not in control.

Some of the most common forms of mental illness include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Borderline personality disorder (BPD)
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

When you come to an addiction treatment center that treats your mental illness as well as your addiction, you can succeed. You may be someone who was never diagnosed with a mental illness, so undergoing treatment can give you answers. Most people develop symptoms of mental illness as teenagers and don’t understand what’s happening. Receiving a proper diagnosis from a mental health professional can help you begin working on the solution for a better life.

Diagnosis at a Mental Health Treatment Center in Orange County CA

When you’re in your active addiction, it can be challenging to receive a proper mental illness diagnosis. You might be someone who was seeking the help of psychotherapy while you were drinking or using. Due to the way drugs and alcohol affect the body, you can show symptoms of a mental illness you may not have. This is why some people take medications while in addiction, but the medications don’t work.

To receive a proper diagnosis at a mental health treatment center in Orange County CA, you’ll go through treatment. Upon entering treatment, you’ll go through a psychological evaluation to see what symptoms you have. You might be someone who begins to see massive decreases in mental health issues as you stay sober. Of course, once your mind and body have gone through detox, some of these symptoms may still be there.

As you continue to stay clean, you’ll follow up regularly with a therapist in treatment who can help. If you’re continuing to have symptoms of mental illness, a therapist can help you overcome them. Through a variety of different evidence-based therapy methods, you’ll see that you can live an incredible life. You’ll receive a variety of tools that you can continue to use after treatment that can keep your mental health under control.

Treating Addiction at a Mental Health Treatment Center in CA

For months or years, turning to drugs or alcohol has been the solution to all of your problems. Unfortunately, this is a short-term solution that ends up creating more problems in the long run. People with addictions have difficulties with personal and professional relationships, finances, and health. When you’re in treatment, you’re going to learn different ways to live life successfully without having to turn to alcohol or drugs. This happens through both individual as well as group therapy sessions. In groups, you’re going to see the value of support from others who understand what you’re going through exactly.

Ocean Recovery is an addiction treatment center in Newport Beach, which also treats mental illness. We’re a dual diagnosis treatment facility that wants nothing more than to see you live the life that you deserve. We provide clients with an upscale environment in our fully accredited treatment center. Some of the programs that we offer at our facility include the following:

After you detox, come to our facility for dual diagnosis treatment so you can not only get clean, but you can stay clean too. Call us today at 800-641-2388 to find out more about our mental health treatment center in Orange County CA.