Woman standing at beach during sunset on at Newport Beach recovery center.When searching for addiction treatment programs, you want to start your lifelong recovery in a beautiful, serene environment. For those interested in reaching recovery on the West Coast, a Newport Beach recovery center may be the ideal environment to conquer your addiction or eating disorder.

Whether or not you’re local to the area, choosing a facility on the beach can provide you with many benefits. Not only will you enjoy your stay in peaceful, relaxing surroundings, you’ll also get the first-class treatment you need.

Why You Should Start Addiction Treatment With a Newport Beach Recovery Center

Recovery centers can differ widely. Some offer sparse surroundings and few amenities. Therefore, individuals may be in far-flung locations with very little around them.

Other settings offer guests a more comfortable, luxurious stay. Instead of feeling as if they’re in a hospital or dormitory, clients can relax in an upscale environment. They may enjoy a full range of amenities and activities at a California drug rehab.

There’s no rule that says rehab has to be unpleasant. In fact, the more relaxed and comfortable you feel, the more likely you are to gain the full benefit of your rehab experience. Lastly, by relieving stress in enjoyable ways, you’ll be more open to participating in the program and increases your chances of long-term sobriety.

What Sets Our Newport Beach Recovery Center Apart

Ocean Recovery is a treatment center for substance abuse and eating disorders. Regardless of where a person is in his battle with addiction, we give each of our clients a strong foundation for hope.

On the steady, serene backdrop of the Pacific Ocean in Newport Beach, California, we provide an upscale setting where you’ll do more than attend meetings and take part in addiction therapy programs. Here, you’ll be able to gain a fresh new outlook on how wonderful your sober life can be.

We strive to make the admissions process as easy as possible. After all, we understand how difficult it is to make that phone call. But that one call can be the beginning of a brighter, better future.

Our facility accepts a small number of clients. You’ll enjoy a comfortable connection in this intimate environment. Residential treatment is our main focus, but we also provide Intensive Outpatient and Partial Hospitalization Programs, when needed.

Eating Disorder Treatment at Ocean Recovery

Our Newport Beach recovery center is one of the few programs to provide intensive treatment for substance abuse and eating disorders not only in California but in the entire country. We know that food might seem like the enemy. However, we are here to help show you why that is not the case.

Among the many benefits in our program, our nutritional counseling includes in-house nutritionist Sherry Fixelle, who will pair up with you to help you develop good eating habits as well as address your bad relationship with food.

Recovery Is Possible with the Foundation of Hope

When you feel a Newport Beach recovery center is the perfect facility for you, see what Ocean Recovery has to offer.

We provide gender-specific men’s and women’s residential treatment programs. Our skilled and trained staff understands that the reasons men abuse drugs and alcohol are often different from women’s. Each gender has specific issues and motivations. We give our clients the customized care they need in order to heal.

Many people turn to drugs and alcohol to cope with past traumas. We have programs specifically designed to help clients suffering from the negative consequences of traumatic events. With our focused care, you can get the treatment you need to work through difficult issues. We want to see you make a breakthrough and become whole and happy once again.

Our Newport Beach recovery center provides treatment programs such as:

You have a healthier, happier future waiting for you if you’ll only take the important step of contacting us. If you or a loved one is ready to overcome drug and alcohol dependency, why not call now? You can reach us at 800-641-2388. We’ll walk with you on the path to recovery.